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Instant Checkmate Review: Pricing, Membership, and Features

Instant Checkmate Review: Pricing, Membership, and Features
September 12, 2022

Instant Checkmate has been in the business of background checks since 2010. The popular search website operates in America and has conducted more than 1.4 billion searches and still counting. 


Aside from the basic background information, Instant Checkmate is notable and widely considered the best search website to conduct a criminal background check.

Although Instant Checkmate is an incredible search website, it cannot be used for some purposes like employment and tenant screening. 


This form of screening contravenes the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that limits situations where search websites can be used. Nevertheless, here are some of the impressive features that make Instant Checkmate a top choice among other search websites:

Instant Checkmate Features

Criminal Record Database 

Most users regard the criminal record database on Instant Checkmate as its most sophisticated feature. The platform can pull up every publicly available criminal record in the shortest possible time. 


Some of the criminal records on Instant Checkmate include lawsuits, misdemeanors, felonies, warrants, arrest records, etc. 

In addition to all the information provided, the search website also includes the location and details of the crime. The criminal record feature can help you know if there are individuals around you that you need to be wary of. Especially if they have a history of violence or other criminal offenses.

ins4 (1).jpg

USA Inmate Search

Instant Checkmate can also provide information about inmates by searching their names. If you suspect someone you know is in prison, you can locate inmates, convicts, or prisoners using the Instant Checkmate inmate search. 


The extensive coverage of the platform means you can find an inmate even if they have been recently moved. 

Extensive Background Check

Instant Checkmate has a broad and extensive reach for locating detailed information about individuals. The background check is another common feature on the website; it allows users to generate specific information they need. 


Another exciting thing about the background checker is that it provides an extensive pool of information with minimal input; you only need the first and last name.

Although it takes a while before all these reports are generated, it is definitely worth the wait. Instant Checkmate provides information such as ethnicity, religion, picture, height and weight, assets, professional licenses, political affiliation, weapons permit, etc. 

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Relatives and Family Search

The features of Instant Checkmate do not stop at background checks alone; it also helps users find information about people related to the subject. 


For example, when you search for an individual on Instant Checkmate using their first and last name, you can obtain information about their possible relatives or families. 


In addition, the report contains information about their parents, siblings, extended family members, spouses, and even co-workers.

Aside from using this feature to search for other people, you can also use Instant Checkmate to find information about your family members. So have fun searching for your information online and find your distant cousins or lost family members.

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Sex Offender Database

Most background searches on Instant Checkmate can help keep you safe or make you aware of your surroundings and the people within them. In addition to the other information available on the platform, you can also look up a list of registered sex offenders in your neighborhood or state. 

Instant Checkmate can provide this information by disaggregating data to specific locations you need information about. It also includes details of the offenders, such as names, available images, and physical locations.

Social Media Profiles 

Do you need more information about a person's social media activity? Instant Checkmate is an excellent tool for you to use. The website pulls matching social media profiles of anyone you try to find. 


In addition, the social media profile information contains pictures. These recent online activities further help you verify an individual's social opinions.

Instant Checkmate Customer Support

Another feature of the site is customer support. Users can reach out to Instant Checkmate customer support agents via email or phone on weekdays between 10a.m and 10p.m EST. 

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Instant Checkmate also renders Spanish language support services between Mondays to Fridays from 11a.m to 8p.m EST. Their customer support agents usually reply to emails within 24 hours. 

Pros of Using Instant Checkmate

Access to extensive database and repository 
Multiple search methods 
Availability of criminal record 
Updated sex offender list according to location

Instant Checkmate Memberships

It is important to note that Instant Checkmate does not offer any free trial. The only option available is a 5-day trial for $1. This exclusive deal allows you to check out the features available on Instant Checkmate and decide if you want to be a full-time subscriber. 

Instant Checkmate currently offers two subscription models, allowing you unlimited access to background checks and reports. In addition, the 3-month bulk subscription helps you save more costs. 

* 1-month unlimited reports - $35.12 per month
* 3-month unlimited reports - $28.09 per month 


Instant Checkmate is among the most popular search tools in the United States. It is widely used for different background checks. Still, it is mainly recognized for its complete criminal records and sexual offender list. 


These two safety features allow you to get information about people with a criminal history and sexual offenders living in your community.

Instant Checkmate comes with a pricy subscription model compared to other search websites. 


However, considering the information it provides, it is a good value for money. You can cancel the subscription anytime or reach out to customer care if you need assistance.

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