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Missouri Mugshots Search Guide

Missouri Mugshots Search Guide
July 17, 2022

Mugshots are pictures of arrested persons, taken at some point during their interaction with law enforcement officials. And if you ever have to find the mugshot of any person in Missouri for any reason, we've briefly detailed a series of approaches you can take. 


Notable Information About Missouri Criminal Records


One of the most reliable places to find a mugshot in Missouri is in a criminal record.


These records have been classified as public records by virtue of the Missouri Sunshine Law, and so they are accessible to everyone in the state, except in some special cases. 


Criminal records are primarily produced by law enforcement agencies, and you can find the following information as they relate to your subject. 


* The subject's full names, gender, birth date, race, and other identifying information 

* Their mugshots and fingerprints

* Current and past address of residence

* Details of the crime for which they were arrested

* Any pending and acquitted charges

* Date the offense took place 

* The plea that was entered and recorded

* Findings from investigation, conviction, or acquittal. 


a mugshot background


How Do I Get Criminal Records In Missouri?


In Missouri, criminal records are primarily managed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in conjunction with the local law enforcement agencies and the courts.


Through the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS), the Missouri State Highway Patrol creates, maintains, and disseminates criminal records in the state.


On this website, you can find out about the criminal history of your subject, and you should find their mugshot along with other vital information about their criminal offense. 


You'll be requested to make a small payment to access these records. But once you've done that, you can go on to search for your subject at the portal.


Alternatively, you can search the courts in the jurisdiction of the crime and request access to their criminal record search portal. 


About the Missouri Sex Offenders Registry


Most states in the USA have a sex offenders registry that contains an exhaustive list Of convicted sex offenders in the state, and Missouri is no exception.


This registry houses tons of records that contain information about sex offenders/predators in the state, The information in these records is complemented by a mugshot that can be used to identify their subjects. 


a gavel on a clipboard with sheet of paper that reads criminal records


How To Get Missouri's Sex Offender Registry


In Missouri, the sex offenders registry is the most reliable source of information about convicted sex offenders.


This registry is a database that maintains an extensive list of all the documented sex offenders that have probably once lived or are presently living in the state. 


Once again, the State Highway Patrol is the chief custodian of this database of registered sex offenders. 


They collect information from all over the state and compile them into a well-structured database that can be easily navigated.


Whenever you visit the sex offender's registry, you will get to view the profile of your subject after you provide their key identification details. 


Inmate Records in Missouri


Everyone that has ever been imprisoned in Missouri has an inmate record filed on their behalf and possibly made available to the public through some provisions.


In Missouri, these inmate records are documented in a database that's managed by the state's Department of Corrections. The following is some of the information you can expect to find on the website: 


* The inmate's full name and any known aliases.

* Their date of birth, gender, any notable physical features, and other personal information details. 

* The details of their offense.

* Their incarceration date, and potential release date

* The address of the correctional facility where the offender is being held.


a handcuffed man writing on a piece of paper


How Do I Get Inmate Records In Missouri?


All of the prisons, detention facilities, and correctional centers in Missouri are managed by the Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC).


This department operates a search platform that can help you find an inmate in their books. 


The Offender Search tool of the MODOC provides the most reliable avenue to find information about any inmate in the state.


At this search portal, you'll be prompted to provide specific search terms related to your subject. And if you're successful, you can find the mugshot of your subject. 


an illustration of a search bar against a mobile phone


Using Third-party Websites


Third-party websites are most often the go-to for people looking to find the mugshot of anyone in Missouri or anywhere else in the USA.


This is mostly due to the vast array of public records in their possession. From arrest records and criminal records to court records and vital records, the list goes on.


They make these records available to the public for a fee, usually in the form of a membership fee or a search fee. 


How Do I Get A Mugshot From Third-party Websites?


When you visit the website of these third-party search platforms, the first few things you'll notice are the text fields provide for name and state entries and a search button just below.


When you fill the spaces with your subject in mind and click on search, chances are that you'll find the subject of your search. 


And if you do, you should find their mugshots in full view, as long as they have a criminal history in the state.

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