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Nebraska Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Nebraska

Nebraska Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Nebraska
October 8, 2022

Nebraska arrest records, also called Record of Arrest and Prosecution (RAP), are public documents containing the details of an offender’s arrest. 


A law enforcement agency generates these records following the arrest of an individual.

The records include court depositions toward the subject. 


The deposition consists of results of the adjudication process such as conviction, acquittal, nullified convictions through no file charges, set-asides, and pardons. 

Nebraska arrest records are accessible to members of the public under the state’s Public Records Law enacted in 1975. 


The records are collated from the 93 counties of the state. Unlike other states in the U.S that only permit residents access to public records, Nebraska offers access to every U.S citizen irrespective of their location. 


It doesn’t matter if the person stays in New York City, Florida, or South Carolina. 

Nebraska arrest records are verified or authenticated using fingerprint information. 


The fingerprint identification system matches individuals with the specific crimes police arrested them for. 


Arrest records also form part of an offender’s Nebraska criminal records. 

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How to Perform a Nebraska Arrest Records Search

These days, you can perform arrest records search either offline or online. 


There are online resources at your disposal where you can perform a Nebraska arrest records search, as well as a search for other records. 


If you want to find criminal records, marriage records, driving records, and other public records, websites like are available to you 24/7. 


However, if you want to find Nebraska arrest records and no other records, you can use one of the methods that are listed below.

Nebraska Arrest Statistics

In Nebraska, arrests are reported by law enforcement agencies using two methods: the Nebraska Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) format and the Uniform Crime Reporting Format (UCR). 

The UCR method aggregates crime data on eight offenses: robbery, homicide, motor vehicle theft, arson, burglary, larceny, assault, and rape. 


Assault is further classified into simple and aggravated assaults. Homicide is also simplified into death by negligence and criminal homicide.  

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In 2020, the total number of offenses recorded in Nebraska was 37,623. This showed a decrease of about 15.9% from 2019. 


The 2020 report also shows a 17.7% decrease in property offenses and a 3.3% reduction in violent crimes compared with 2019. 

According to the same statistics, a total of 5,523 violent crimes were committed, including criminal homicide (77), aggravated assault (3,786), robbery (679), and forcible rape (981). 


In addition, property offenses totaled 32,100 and include larceny-theft (23,531), arson (139), and motor vehicle theft (4,569). 

How to Find Arrest Records in Nebraska 

Nebraska arrest records are collected and maintained by the Criminal Investigation Division of the Nebraska State Patrol. 


The division organizes arrest records in online depositories and public-based archives. 


In addition, records can be obtained for background check purposes. Interested parties can search online, by mail, or in person.

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Arrest Records Nebraska: Online application 

For online applications, applicants can visit the Nebraska State Patrol online criminal background check website to look up their arrest records. 


Applicants will be required to provide basic information about the subject and themselves, alongside a $15.50 fee. 

Arrest Records Nebraska: In-person or mail application

In-person or mail applications can be completed using the criminal record request form, alongside a $12.50 charge, and submitted by mail or in-person to the Criminal Identification Division office at:

Criminal Identification Division
PO Box 94907
Lincoln, NE 68509-4907

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Arrest Records Nebraska: Court application

Nebraska arrest records can also be found via court records. Nebraska Judicial Department maintains a searchable database that allows individuals to look up arrest records. 


The Nebraska court system has four levels. 

On the first level are the County Courts tasked with hearing traffic violations, civil cases below $52,000, probate, misdemeanors, adoption, etc. 


Next, the District Courts (which hear matters concerning felony and domestic relations), Workers' Compensation Courts, and Juvenile Courts come second. 


The third is the Court of Appeals and at the top and final level is the Nebraska Supreme Court. 

To find court records, applicants should visit the Nebraska Judicial Branch site. 


On the website, applicants can search for juvenile, civil, probate, traffic, and criminal cases present in the records of the state’s county and district courts. 


In addition, you can find parties involved, registrars’ actions, and case information. 


A fee of $15 is charged for every search, and you can request copies from the court clerk where the case was presented. 

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Arrest Records Nebraska: Law enforcement agencies

Additionally, Nebraska arrest records can be found at the office of the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest. 


Applicants will be required to pay a nominal of $12.50 for copies of the documents. However, an applicant can utilize an arrest search fee waiver where eligible. 

In most cases, the agencies maintaining the records will grant waivers in situations where the record in question serves a public good. 


The law enforcement agency will require such persons to offer their personal information, alongside the details of the subject of the arrest. 

Finally, interested parties can use third-party websites to find Nebraska arrest records. 


These platforms collate personal information about people, including their arrest records, from private and public data agencies. 


Their services are usually available at a fee, and you will be required to create an account before you can search for an arrest record. 


The only major challenge of such platforms is limited information. Some of the popular third-party platforms include:

* Intelius 
* Infotracer
* Instant Checkmate
* Whitepages
* BeenVerified 
* Public Seek
* Spokeo 


Nebraska arrest records are easily accessible documents obtainable from various agencies in the state. 


The state is an open-records state and allows public access to arrest records. 


Persons looking for arrest records in Nebraska can use any of the information listed above!

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