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Montana Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots in Montana

Montana Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots in Montana
July 17, 2022

Mugshots are unflattering pictures of people picked up by law enforcement officers in relation to their involvement in a crime.


These mugshots are a constant feature of their arrest profiles and can be found in police reports. 


In turn, these police reports are the chief contributors to most of the information found in arrest records and criminal records, among others.


And because these records are statutorily designed to be accessible to the public records, you can find them without a great deal of effort. 


In this article, we'll briefly detail how you can leverage these public records to find the mugshot of anyone in Montana. 


an illustration of a mugshot background


Accessing Montana Criminal Records


If your person of interest has previously been convicted of a criminal offense in Montana, they should have a criminal record created in respect to them. 


If this is the case, you can find their mugshots in the criminal records generated by law enforcement agencies in Montana. These criminal records may contain most of the following information. 


* The subject's full name and any aliases

* Birthdate, age, nationality, race/ethnicity, etc. 

* Mugshots and fingerprints 

* Height, weight, scars, tattoos, and other unique physical identifiers or physical 

* Features 

* Past and current/pending indictments

* Case status


How To Access Criminal Records In Montana 


The state's Department of Justice collects criminal records and archives them in its Criminal Records and Identification Services Section where they can later be recovered.


You can make your request online(via email), in person, or have it delivered by mail. 


In your mail request, you'll have to tender a self-addressed and duly stamped envelope containing your request application to the Department of Justice.  


There's a $15.00 processing payment to be made using a check or money order.


As for online requests, you can explore the Online Public Record Search outlet that's been provided by the Criminal History unit of the department, for a $20 fee.


handcuffs on a sheet of fingerprints


Obtaining Montana Court Records 


The crime-related information of most persons arrested in connection to criminal activity in Montana is documented and kept in the custody of the Courts.


These court records are filed prior to any court proceedings on the case, and the information contained in them may lead to an acquittal or a discharge of the accused person. 


How To Obtain Court Records In Montana 


The courts can help you find criminal record cases that have been filed on behalf of your subject.


You can check out the official website of the courts concerned with the case and request access to their electronic records.


if you wish to go in person, the court's central custodian (the clerk) will help you with an on-demand court record search. 


All you need to do is locate the courthouse that has presided over any case that involves your subject. And when you do that, you'll need to provide some identifying information about your subject to the clerk.


Using this information, they can search their local database or access the Department of Justice for the records in their possession. 


handcuffs on a books next to a gave;


Securing Montana inmate Records


In Montana, the prisons, housing units, detention facilities, and other correctional institutions consolidate the records in their possession and manage them under the Montana Department of Corrections.


This department maintains a directory that contains current information about all the inmates in Montana. The following information can be found in these inmate records.:


* The inmate's full name and aliases.

* Their mugshots, date of birth, gender, any notable physical features, and other personal information details. 

* The nature of and details about their offense, Incarceration date, and potential release date

* The address of the jail, prison, correction center, or any detention facility where the inmate is being held.


a man's hand touching an illustration of a search bar


How You Can Find Montana Inmate and Jail Records 


For anyone who wishes to find a person of interest to them in any of Montana's prisons and detention facilities, one of the most effective steps to take is to locate the particular prison or detention site where the person is being held.


There, you will have to provide probable cause for making your request.


But if you want to cut back on the time and effort spent in your quest, you can check out the online database managed by the Montana Department of Corrections.


You only need to provide some specific personal or inmate-related information about your subject, and your search can return the desired result in no time. 


Searching Through Third-party Websites


Third-party websites include white pages, online directories, and databases that have a vast collection of public records in their custody.


They make these records available to the public for a fee. You can find arrest and criminal information about your subject on these websites. 


And when you do, you'll surely find a mugshot in their profile, along with other information about them. These websites only require you to input the name and state of your subject before clicking on the search bar.


The system will return search results that you can trim down or scan through to arrive at the right one. 

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