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Tennessee Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots In Tennessee

Tennessee Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots In Tennessee
July 20, 2022

Per the Tennessee Open Records Act, mugshots in Tennessee are public records, so they are accessible to everyone.


Tennessee mugshots can most commonly be found in sex offender registry records, inmate records, and arrest records.


Third-party websites are decent and typically more accessible alternatives as well. Go through any of the offline or online channels in this guide to find mugshots in Tennessee.


About Inmates Search in Tennessee


Tennessee prisons and prisoners’ records are managed by the Tennessee Department of Corrections.


You can gain access to detailed information on Tennessee prison inmates (including their physical location, contact information, and mugshots) by checking the TDOC’s online inmate locator tool. You may also use third-party websites, but results from these sites may not be as detailed.


man standing in front of a mugshot background


Accessing Tennessee Inmate Records: What to Do?


To access inmate records in Tennessee, you simply need to visit the TDOC’s official website and make use of the prison lookup tool.


On the left-hand side, under "agency services," select the "inmate search" tab. On the search page, there are three options: the first allows you to look up inmates by their first and last names; the second lets you look up inmates by their TOMIS (Tennessee Offender Management Information System) numbers; and the third lets you look up inmates by their state identification numbers.


Enter the necessary information into the search box and click search to see the results.


The prisoner's name, TOMIS ID number, the facility where they are being held, the start and end dates of their sentences, their eligibility for parole, and the dates of their hearings are all listed here. A tiny window containing the facility's address will appear after clicking the location option.


handcuffs on a sheet of fingerprints


About Tennessee Arrest Records


Another way to get mugshots of individuals who have possibly had a run-in with the law in Tennessee is through the state’s or county’s arrest records.


The details of an individual's arrest are recorded in Tennessee arrest records. Along with the date, time, and place of the arrest, information is also kept on the arresting officer's name, the person who made the arrest, their mugshot, and the alleged crime they are accused of. 


How To Gain Access To Tennessee Arrest Records


You can gain access to Tennessee arrest records by making an online name check of your subject, or by making a request by mail.


Both methods attract a charge of $29, and requesters typically have to submit a few personal details such as their name, phone number, address, and email address.


For online name checks, visit the TORIS (Tennessee Open Records Information Services) database website and fill in your details in the provided boxes.


The first and last name, gender, and race of the subject are all necessary pieces of subject-related information to launch the search. In addition, applicants can supply the subject's social security number and, if possible, current address to guarantee the accuracy of the information.


Nevertheless, you may still proceed with your search request if you’re not privy to these last details.


An alternative way of accessing arrest records in Tennessee is to mail your request directly to the local law enforcement agency or county that made the arrest. 


a and handcuffs gun on a sheet of fingerprints


About Third-Party Websites


Third-party search services are decent alternatives if you’re not keen on using official channels.


These websites are authorized to display publicly-available records, including government records. They often maintain a detailed database of public records, which they get from open-access sources.


While some of these platforms offer their services for free, you may have to pay for them on some others. You may also be asked to register on some of these platforms to be able to use their resources.


Accessing a Mugshot From Third-Party Websites


On the homepage of your preferred background search website, type in the name and location of your chosen subject in the provided, labeled text boxes.


In order to narrow your search, the website could ask you for further details about the person. You can choose to receive the search results by mail or instantly.


It will contain their photograph, contact information, and other information regarding their offense.


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About Tennessee Sex Offenders Registry


In accordance with Tennessee's sex offender registration law, law enforcement is required to compile data on convicted sex offenders and make it accessible to the public on the sex offender registry.


Additionally, according to state law, law enforcement must keep the registry updated with new details on the limitations and circumstances surrounding Tennessee's registered sex offenders.


In addition to the state registry, the Department of Justice also maintains a National Sex Offender Registry for all registered sex offenders across the nation. 


Accessing a Mugshot From Tennessee Sex Offenders Registry


Simply visiting the Tennessee sex offender registry page online will provide you access to the state's sex offender registry.


As soon as you land, you will be required to give some personal information about the offender or pertinent case circumstances.


Your search subject will appear in the registry along with extensive information and a mugshot.

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