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Mississippi Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshot in Mississippi

Mississippi Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshot in Mississippi
July 17, 2022

Mugshots can be found in case files and documents that record a person's involvement in a suspected criminal activity.


And as they put a face behind the rap sheets that are associated with a violation of the law, they can be found in public records. These public records can mostly be accessed by anyone in Mississippi, and we'll tell you how in this article.


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Mississippi Criminal Records: What are They?


One of the most reliable options to explore while looking for mugshots in Mississippi is to check the state's criminal records.


These records document the former or active criminal history of any person within the state.


They are borne out of a violation of the state laws and should contain specific information related to the charges, indictments, and convictions secured against their subjects. Mississippi criminal records typically contain the following information:  


* Personal details of the suspect such as their full name, gender, nationality, date of birth, and other important information. 

* Their mugshots, fingerprints, and unique physical features 

* Criminal offense/s and charges levied against them

* Details of past and present warrants, arrest records, convictions, and depositions.


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How You Can Obtain Criminal Records In Mississippi


Using a search platform provided by the Bureau of Investigation, a division of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, you can carry out a criminal record search using a few search parameters.


This bureau draws up an "Authorization to Disclose Background Info" form that requesters must fill and submit. And then they demand a $32 fee.


Once you tick these two boxes, you can go on to submit the form and the attached fee to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. 


An alternative route to getting these records is through on-demand court records, collected via the  Mississippi Electronic Courts System (MEC).


The court clerk who is the record custodian will help you get access to the court's electronic records of criminal cases. However, you'll be required to pay an enrollment fee of $10 per annum and a copy fee of $0.5 per page. 


Understanding Mississippi Arrest Records


If your subject has a history of arrest/s in Mississippi, they should have their experience, personal information, and case information documented in arrest records.


These records contain relevant information related to the arrest of any person in the state following their involvement in a perceived violation of any of the state's laws.


The information in these records is usually compiled by law enforcement agencies at the county and local levels. In these records. 


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How You Can Access Mississippi Arrest Records 


The provisions of the Mississippi Public Records Act stipulate that arrest records are available to the public.


Hence, you can easily approach the law enforcement agencies in charge of these records to request access to them.


The local police department or the sheriff's office in the vicinity where the arrest of your subject was recorded is a good place to start from. For a nominal fee, they should grant you access to the arrest records in their possession. 


About Mississippi Inmate And Jail Records


Mississippi inmate records are public records that are generated and documented in connection to people who are held in prisons, detention centers, and other correctional facilities around the state.


The bulk of the data contained in these records is curated by officials of the state's Department of Corrections in a database that they make accessible to members of the public. Some of the details contained in Mississippi's inmate records include: 


* Full name of the suspect and their known aliases where applicable

* Their personal information—date of birth, sex, nationality, etc. 

* Their mugshot and fingerprint

* Any applicable bail/bond conditions

* Any related previous convictions and time served

* Dates of incarceration or potential release


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How To Access Mississippi Inmate and Jail Records 


Like most states in the USA, Mississippi's Department of Corrections manages an inmate database where you can find some specific information about an inmate in their custody.


When you get access to this database, you'll be required to type in the name or identification number of the inmates you have in mind. And if you can't get this information, you may physically check by the facility where the inmate is being held. 


What to Know About Third-party Websites


Criminal records, arrest records, and every other record that produces a mugshot is considered to be public knowledge in the United States.


And as many of these records are readily available through some third-party websites, you can get the answers you're looking for at the click of a few buttons. These third-party websites will often require a search fee or a membership fee in most cases.  


How To Find A Mugshot Using Third-Party Websites


In most cases, you only need to log in to these websites and provide two key search parameters–the name and state of your subject.


As soon as you click on search after entering these two parameters, you'll get a stream or a smattering of results, depending on how popular the names are.


You can whittle down the list by providing other search parameters as promoted by the system, and you should arrive at your answer in no time. 

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