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Nevada Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Nevada

Nevada Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Nevada
October 6, 2022

All crime-related data leading to arrests the Nevada State Police keeps is called arrest records. 


This information is easily accessible by all law enforcement agencies within and outside the state. In addition to government agencies, commercial companies that look after children, the mentally ill, and the elderly are also permitted to ask for full details of an arrest record.

Nevada arrest records contain the outcomes of a warrant search ordered by the Nevada State Police Open Records Unit. 


This is a name-based search that returns information on the arrest done in the state. In the following article, we will be discussing the various ways of finding arrest records in Nevada.

Nevada state flag with handcuffs on it

How to Find Arrest Records in Nevada:

For a Nevada arrest records search, you can use one of two main methods, depending on the data that you want to find.


For a complete Nevada background search, you can use public records search websites, such as 


Such services provide online access to public records, so you can get a complete report about certain people. 


However, if you want to find one type of record, like Nevada arrest records, the following methods will provide you with the data you need. 

What Makes Up an Arrest Record in Nevada?

Police officers arrest people they suspect of committing crimes or breaking the law and then create an arrest record for such a person. Arrest records in Nevada are a crucial component of a person's criminal history.


In addition, the courts and other criminal justice organizations, such as the Department of Corrections and the Department of Public Safety, preserve arrest records as essential components of the criminal justice system.

Nevada public arrest records typically contain personal information about the arrestee and the details of the event leading to the arrest. 


The record also holds the information obtained from witnesses and victims. 


All of this information form part of an individual's criminal records, although the state of Nevada does not allow full public access to criminal records. 

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Who can Access Arrest Records in Nevada?

Nevada has a Public Records Act referred to as NRS 239.010. This Act is set up to promote transparency and accountability of the state government by allowing the public access to government information. 


Based on the Act, citizens can request copies of public records from the relevant authorities. Arrest records fall into the category of public records and are readily available to anyone.

The state law stipulates that all government agencies in the state have to respond to record requests within five days of request. 


However, there are exemptions to the Public Records Act in Nevada that prevents some records like confidential and financial records from being publicly available except when requested by authorized personnel. 

Nevada Arrest Records Search

Arrest records are domiciled in the Department of Public Safety, and all requests for arrest records are expected to be directed to the department. 


To access an arrest record in Nevada, you must submit an online request to the Nevada Department of Public Safety Records Center. The department serves as a repository for arrest records and criminal records. 


You must create a user account with the department before requesting an arrest record.

Another way to request arrest records in Nevada is to complete a Public Records Request Form and submit it through fax or email. 

a man being arrested and handcuffed


To get the information or record, you need to submit your details and other essential information such as:

* Your full name and phone number
* Full name of the subject
* Request date
* Format of presenting arrest records
* Means of transmitting record – Mail or physically

There are two categories of fees associated with these requests. First, a fee is charged for records requests that take more than two hours of staff work to process. 


The second category is referred to as exceptional demands. On top of usual copying fees, the Department of Public Safety charges $0.50 per page duplicated for special requests. 


Requestors are also in charge of postage and must pay in full in person or by mail, using a precise amount of cash, a money order, a check, or online payment.  

Arrest Records Nevada Free Search 

In Nevada, you have a variety of options for getting arrest records. To get free access to the arrest records, requesting party might need to go to the court clerk's office in the county where the arrest record originated. 


Requesting parties can also do a free search of arrest records at local law enforcement agencies, including police and sheriff's offices.

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How Long do Arrest Records Remain Public?

In Nevada, arrest records are kept until the court issues a sealing order. Unlike expungement, which removes relevant information, sealing only prevents general or public access to records. 


Record retention schedules govern records management in Nevada. 

Retention schedules specify how long each agency or department must maintain documents and keep them available for future use. 


Nevada law mandates a minimum retention duration of seven years for certain inmate records under the state's records retention schedules for government organizations. 


Records in Nevada are preserved forever in the absence of a retention schedule.


The Department of Public Safety serves as Nevada's repository for arrest records. Based on the state's Public Records Act, this information in Nevada arrest records is made available to the public except for exceptional cases. 


The arrest records can be requested online or in person and are associated with a small fee.

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