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Warrant Records Search in Alabama: How to View Warrant Records for State Alabama

Warrant Records Search in Alabama: How to View Warrant Records for State Alabama
August 22, 2022

A warrant grants law enforcement agencies the right to arrest, search a property, or carry out any other action against you, or someone else.

You'd be unable to prevent the subject of the warrant from being executed if you do not have a superior court order to rein in the warrant.

There are a couple of reasons why you may be out to find a warrant record, whether yours or someone else's. 

You may take the precautionary step of looking for any arrest warrant issued against you so you won't be caught unawares at any time.

You may also need to obtain a warrant to search a property on the grounds of a suspicion of it being the subject of a crime.

Whichever is the case, (and there are a couple more), you can find out how to go about obtaining warrants by reading this article.


What is a Warrant in Alabama?

An Alabama warrant is a written document that gives law enforcement agencies the license to carry out an act or order against a person in Alabama.

The order may be the go-ahead to arrest a person or to search their property for the presence of an incriminating object or the subject of an investigation.

The warrant is usually issued by a judge or magistrate and will contain certain information. 

Chief among this information is the name of the person who is issued the warrant, the warrant issuer, the reason for or subject of the warrant, and the basis for the warrant, such as the violation of state law.

The warrant may be executed by a law enforcement officer on behalf of a complainant, such as a person who suspects another of being privy to criminal activity.

In Alabama, these warrants are usually filed by judicial powers and are collected by law enforcement agencies. 

How to Find Warrants In Alabama

Below are a couple of routes you can take to find warrants issued on behalf of you or someone else in Alabama:

Search At The Courthouse That Issued The Warrant 

In Alabama, these warrants are issued by the courthouse in the county where the probable cause (for which the warrant was issued) is the premise.

The warrant may be issued to search a property that is suspected to be harboring the subject or object of a crime, and it may or may not include an arrest warrant.

In this case, the courthouse in the county where this property is sited would be responsible for issuing the warrant. 

Hence, you'd have to find the courthouse in question if you wish to obtain the search or arrest warrant.

You may check out the portal of the Alabama Court Access and look for any outstanding warrants included in the subject's criminal records or arrest records.

You can carry out a name-based search or a case number-based search and look out for the presence of warrants from the results that pop up but only after paying the applicable search fee. 

Search At The Law Enforcement Agencies

In Alabama, the law enforcement agencies charged with carrying out warrants include the police and the Sheriff's Office.

Depending on the county in question, the office of the sheriff may publish a roster of all outstanding arrest warrants on their official websites.

These warrants may be issued on behalf of persons who have probably previously failed to honor a police invite or a court hearing. 

In other cases, the warrant roster may feature a list of wanted persons indicted for certain crimes committed in the county.

Where these rosters are not immediately available, you can search for them by providing the name of the subject in text fields on warrant search portals.

If a warrant is available, you should find a document containing the warrant details, such as the profile of the subject (their personal information and brief physical descriptors), the warrant subject, the issuer, etc. 

Alternatively, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) provides a criminal record search feature on its website.

There, you can access the Alabama Background Check System for use in finding any warrants issued on persons living in the state.

You'd have to submit an application containing some relevant information about the subject of the warrant, along with a Photo ID and the $25 processing fee. 

Also, the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the United States Marshals both manage websites where you can find federal warrants issued against fugitives.

These websites provide a search portal where you can run arrest warrants and search actions against a database of fugitives country-wide.

Search On Third-party Websites

These are websites that have managed to collect a vast amount of public records from their primary custodians—government agencies and public institutions.

They go on to make the information from these records available to the general public via search portals. 

To carry out a warrant search using these websites, you'd probably have to pay a membership fee.

And when you do, you'd have access to the information that results from your search query.

This is after you've filled in the search fields for the name of the subject of the warrant and the place where it was issued before clicking on the search/submit button. 

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