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Michigan Warrant Search: How to Find Michigan Warrant Records

Michigan Warrant Search: How to Find Michigan Warrant Records
September 22, 2022

When someone is suspected of violating the law, they may be cleared of any wrongdoing or have an entry in law enforcement files. 


Depending on the severity of the offense or the strength of the evidence, that person can either be arrested on the spot or at a later time. If the latter is the case, the Police will need to come along with a warrant to make an arrest.


When an arrest warrant is issued, it is documented in official records. Each state has its own laws and rules when it comes to accessing arrest warrants. 


Below we will discuss Michigan warrants, and how to perform a Michigan warrant search offline and online.

Michigan Warrants: What are They?

Police officers in Michigan are allowed to carry out arrests or to search a person or their property if they witness a crime scene. 


In cases where the arrest is very crucial (such as with sex or drug-crime-related offender, a serious felony, or a serial offender), they may not necessarily need the warrants to effect.

a gavel on a sheet of paper that reads arrest warrant


However, if sufficient time has elapsed from the time of the crime probably due to the need for preliminary investigations, the police may obtain a warrant while at it. 


The warrants bear the signature of a judge or magistrate, with these judicial officials having the exclusive powers to grant legitimacy to the warrant. 


But first, they must be convinced that the issuance of the warrant is necessary and that there's a probable cause behind it.


Probable cause refers to the material proof that a crime has taken place or has the potential to take place, necessitating that the persons fingered in the crime are brought in. 


The warrant types(arrest, search, tax, child support arrest warrants, etc) will later be executed if the affected persons do not challenge it to be recalled, or bring themself to custody first. 


These warrants can be found in the places highlighted below. 

a gavel next to handcuffs lying on a piece of paper


At The Courts

Michigan Warrants issued in the state come directly from the hands of judges, magistrates, and other authorized judicial officers in the state. 


For people who have a history with the courts in Massachusetts, it helps to know that most of the courts have a record-keeping system, available in print case files or/and online databases. 


If the former is the case, you can schedule a visit to the court and ask to be granted access to your case records.


The clerk of the court can help you check the court's record books for entries matching your name or case number. You can then check if you have any warrants that have not been cleared. 


For courts that have adopted online case filing and digital database systems and incorporated them into their websites, you do not need to make in-person checks.


Most of these websites have a case record directory feature that should come in handy for online warrant checks. 


There, you can primarily view your case history or status, and can find your booking information, case information, dispositions, and warrant information. 


You may also come across phone numbers that can entertain your warrant inquiries, and most will require that you provide your name, birth date, and/or case docket number. 

a magnifying glass on a fingerprint

Warrant Search Michigan: Using Third-party Websites

Third-party websites have no known links to a government agency. These websites have a vast stock of public records and information from government agencies and institutions —the police, courts, etc. 


The information they have about people provides the catalog of data that is used to offer background check services, among other things.


A third-party website such as this one has text fields where you can insert your name and state/city and a search bar that sets the ball in motion. 


You should be able to view information about you from any previous interaction with law enforcement agencies or the courts, and warrants (if available) should be included. 

a magnifying glass on a computer keyboard

Law Enforcement Agencies

You can perform a Michigan warrant search at the office of the Sheriff or the Police resident in your county, or the state at large. 


A visit to these places will give you a clear shot at finding the warrants, although you may be arrested on the spot if you have any outstanding arrest warrants. 


You can find the Michigan warrants displayed on the wall or available in their record logs. 


The latter may require you to show a driver's license or any other valid government-issued means of identification


If your county has an official website, you may find a contact number or email address where you can direct all your warrant-related inquiries. Some county websites have a warrant roster or a warrant search portal/directory. 


There, you can run a warrant search against your name, date of birth, gender, offender number, or any other detail that is demanded. 

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