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Massachusetts Court Records Search

Massachusetts Court Records Search
Michelle S. July 27, 2022

Michigan courts hold hundreds of hearings annually. The proceedings of those court hearings, starting from the point when the lawsuit was filed, are kept as Michigan court records. As a rule, Michigan civil court records are public.

Allowing the public to access and review Michigan court information ensures the transparency of the state legal system. Obviously, not all the Michigan civil court records are public. If the judge decides that certain Michigan court information is dangerous for individual or national safety and wellbeing, they might make it confidential and therefore accessible by a limited number of people.

Michigan court records can be both paper-based and electronic. To run the paper-based Michigan court records search, you would be required to run the search at the courthouse after getting the judge's permission to do so.

Whereas with the electronic Michigan court records, you can run the search both at the courthouse and remotely. This article will cover all aspects of the remote Michigan court records search, as well as who is eligible to run it.

Where to run the Michigan court records search?

If your court offers the possibility of running the Michigan civil court records search remotely, make sure to use multiple platforms. Official government websites, such as the Michigan courts website, offer a possibility to run the Michigan court search along with providing Michigan court information about the particular case.

Whereas private search engines, such as provide the background information about the parties in the case. Running the Michigan court records search on both private and government platforms ensures the accuracy of the information in case parties have identical names or birthdates.

Michigan Courts Website (

The interface of the Michigan courts website is relatively simple. Once you open the website, the home page would allow you to run three following types of Michigan court records search:

· Michigan case search

To find essential Michigan court records, in this case, would require you to know the case number, appellate court (supreme or court of appeals), party name, bar number, attorney name, and the lower court.

· Michigan opinions search

If you are interested in finding some of the opinions of the Michigan court information of your interested, you would be required to know more information, including case number, appellate court, party name, author, panel member, case type, and the lower court.

· Michigan court orders search

When searching for the Michigan orders search, you would be required to fill up the following information: case number, case type, the party's first and last name, panel members, and court type appellate court.

In case some of the information that is required above is not known to you, we always recommend running the Michigan court search in advance. Identifying the court where the case was held would noticeably speed up the process and facilitate it.

Independent search engine (

Such independent search engines as provide you with the backup information about the parties involved in the case. There are various platforms, most of which are free. However, some platforms are paid or include paid features.

To run the Michigan civil court records to search using, you would need to know the first and last name of the person and their birth date. 

Once you hit the "search" button, you can look up the following information:

· Background Records

· Phone Number

· Public Records

· Address Information

· Police & Court Records

· Social Media Accounts & Information

· Marriage & Divorce Records

· Unclaimed Money Database

· Sex Offenders & Their Locations

· Privacy Program

· Mugshots

· Michigan Criminal Court Records

· Michigan Civil Court Records

Who is eligible to run a Michigan court records search?

There are a few cases where you can request full remote access to the Michigan court information, namely:

• If you are a party in the case. 

Only the party in the case is entitled to access all the Michigan court records that are considered "confidential" or "sensitive."

• If you below to any of the parties below and the court has given them permission to run the Michigan court records search:

· Person Authorized by a Party

If the party in the case needs some external help, they may assign another person to help them. In this case, a person authorized by a party can run a Michigan court records search. However, this does not apply to electronic records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records.

· Court-appointed People

In some cases, a court might appoint people to access the Michigan court information.

· Legal Aid and Government Staff can access public Michigan civil court records remotely. However, all parties mentioned above will have no access to electronic Michigan court records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records. 

This article has covered all aspects of running a Michigan court records search and who is entitled to do that.

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