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Ohio People Search

Ohio People Search
July 5, 2022

With a population of almost 12 million people, Ohio really should be a difficult place to find someone in, particularly when you do not have much by way of details about them. 

Fortunately, this task is made easier by favorable public records acts on one hand, and third-party people search websites that take full advantage of these acts on the other. 


Consequently, locating someone in Ohio may just be a matter of visiting a government agency, sending mail, or simply using a search engine. 


We've explored the channels available to you if you need to find someone fast in Ohio:


Third-party Websites for Ohio People Search Records


Third-party sites are by far the most convenient and straightforward alternative on this list for those who can do without any paperwork. 


These websites save vast amounts of data about people from all throughout Idaho and the world. They have access to thousands of public records and can help you find anyone in Idaho for free.


And, because they're largely open to the public, you may look through their internet directories to find what you're looking for.


You'll very certainly be asked for the person's name and current or last known address. Some may need the requester to provide their address.


a man's hand holding a mobile phone with a 3D illustrated image of a search bar on it


After you've completed those steps, click the search icon, and a list of results will appear fast. It's likely that one of the results will be exactly what you're looking for, making the rest of your search much easier.


Ohio Court Records


Under the Open Records Law, court records are open to the public and can be seen and requested by anybody. The right of access for the general public does not, however, apply to all court records. 


If some records include confidential information, the court may decide to seal them under specific circumstances. Documents containing sensitive material, such as minors' details and other information that could jeopardize the record subject's safety, are usually included in sealed court records.


a gavel on an open notebook


When attempting to get court documents in Ohio, the first step is to prepare a request application and submit it to the courthouse where the case was filed or heard. 


Courts in Ohio keep official court records in both hard copy and electronic format, allowing interested parties to access documents in any format.


Ohio Birth and Death Records


In most cases, the seeking party can get birth certificates through a reputable third-party website, go in person to the local vital statistics office, or send a mail-in request. The instructions for replacing a birth certificate are the same. 


The fastest of these three techniques are online requests, followed by in-person inquiries, and finally, mail requests. In either case, the requestor must have the required information, including the registrant's name, birth date, and birthplace. 


The requester must next arrange payment in the form of a check or money order for any applicable fees.


certificate of live birth


The death of a search interest kind of defeats the whole purpose, but death records of their close relatives may help pinpoint their location since their details are likely to be on the certificate. 


To obtain a death record, simply browse through any of the multiple available online third-party websites. 


Ohio Employee Directory


If the person works for one of Ohio's Departments, Agencies, Offices, or Divisions, this choice is especially beneficial. Many of these businesses keep a record of all of their employees' phone numbers. 


As a result, if the individual in question works in any of these areas, you can use this internet resource to locate them.


Some state employees may ask for their contact and email addresses to be deleted from the database in certain circumstances. As a result, if you need to find someone in Ohio right away, this isn't really the best solution.

Ohio Marriage and Divorce Records


Unless otherwise indicated by law or court order, all marriage records in Ohio are believed to be open to the public. 


Except in cases when a marriage record is sealed by the parties involved, marriage records are made available to anyone for reading and examination under Ohio Revised Code (3101). 


Furthermore, the Act requires that sensitive information, such as social security numbers, be redacted before public requesters are granted access.


Divorce records are also open to the public. That said, if there are sensitive details contained in the records, those records will be withheld from public access. 


two hands with wedding bands on the ring fingers on a book


In Ohio, there are various options for obtaining public marriage records. In addition to internet searches, interested parties can go to the courthouse in the county where the marriage license was issued to see and receive copies of marriage records. The same courthouse handles mail requests.


Public divorce records are usually available at the clerk's office, although some courts provide online repositories where interested parties can look for divorce documents. 


Divorce records can also be requested in person or by mail, in addition to an internet search.

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