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Massachusetts Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Massachusetts
September 12, 2022

Do you live in Massachusetts and want to know if your new acquaintance has an arrest history? This post will guide you on how to search and find arrest records in the state of Massachusetts. 


The state has a well-documented system that allows easy access and retrieval of the arrest history of any individual in Massachusetts.

The arrest record produced by law enforcement officers in the state plays a crucial role in court trials if any. 


The public is allowed access to the content of the arrest record for a long time, whether the subject is eventually convicted or not.

handcuffs lying on an illustration of the Massachusetts flag

Who Can Access Arrest Records in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts has a very open and transparent system about its public record system, including its arrest record. Any state citizen can easily access public records after a formal request has been made to the appropriate authorities. 


Asides from arrest records, other public records that are made available in Massachusetts include; court records, mugshots, birth and death certificates, property records, etc. 

Most of these public records are usually in state governmental establishments. Arrest records, for instance, are handled by law enforcement agencies such as the local police department or the county sheriff’s office. 


Unfortunately, the state of Massachusetts does not have an official arrest records repository.

How to Find Arrest Records in Massachusetts?

Unlike some states that do not have the online option of requesting arrest records, the state of Massachusetts is different on that end. 


The state Department of Criminal Justice Information Services provides an online search service that allows you to check and request arrest records from the comfort of your home.

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Massachusetts has the Criminal Offender Record Information (iCORI) system, an online database that contains arrest records and criminal history information in Massachusetts. 


To use the portal, you need to register and pay a fee for each search item, and each search on the online portal costs $25. 


In addition, you need to input the full name of the subject you are looking for and other basic details to ensure you get accurate information.

Is there a Limitation to the Use of iCORI?

The online database for arrest and criminal records in Massachusetts gives two different access levels. Although both access is for the public, some information is reserved for people with a higher level of access. The two levels of access are;

Open Access: The open access system allows you to view specific information about anyone available on the database. The information available for open access are usually those considered grievous and should be known by the public. 


In addition to the registration done on the page, a fee of $50 is also required. Here are some of the information available on open access:

* Misdemeanor convictions within one year of request
* Manslaughter, murder, and sex offenses
* Felony convictions within two years of request
* Felony convictions punishable by five years or more in the state prison

a finger pressing a 3D illustration of a search bar


Public Access: Public access allows individuals complete access to their criminal records. You need to have a valid form of ID to search, and each search costs $25. This type of access is higher than that of open access. The type of information present here includes:

* Pending cases
* Adult convictions
* Non-convictions
* Civil offenses
* Juvenile offenses charged as adults

Can a Massachusetts Arrest Record be Sealed?

The state of Massachusetts allows situations whereby an arrest record can be sealed after some time or under exceptional circumstances. For convicted cases, the record can be sealed depending on the degree of the offense. 


For example, arrest records for misdemeanors can be sealed after three years or after a jail sentence has been served. Felonies are a higher degree of crime, and such arrest records can be sealed after seven years or after the sentence.

For non-convicted cases, the circumstances for sealing the arrest records are quite different from the convicted ones. For example, non-convicted cases can be sealed if the individual is not found guilty, not indicted, or the case is dismissed. 

a handcuffed man signing papers


Massachusetts runs its unique Criminal Offender Record Information (iCORI) system that makes it easy for people living in the state to access arrest records from the convenience of their homes. 


The system also allows individuals to check the database for more information about their personal arrest records and be sure that there is no mix-up in details or that records meant to be sealed are not still available for public viewing.

The state considers arrest records part of public records, meaning anyone can view them. However, arrest records can be sealed after some time or after the charge has been dropped. 


Depending on the severity of the charge, the record can be sealed within five years or ten years. 

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