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Louisiana Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Louisiana

Louisiana Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Louisiana
July 14, 2022

Mugshots are pictures taken during the interaction of law enforcement officers with people who are suspected to have committed an offense.

From their apprehension to profiling, leading up to a conviction or acquittal, these interactions produce a mugshot that can form part of a police report.

The bulk of the information in these police reports ultimately ends up in criminal or arrest records.

In this article, we'll suggest a couple of resources explore in your quest to find the mugshot of anyone in Louisiana. 

What Is A Criminal Record In Louisiana?

Louisiana criminal record documents a person's suspected or confirmed involvement in criminal activity in Louisiana.

These records contain personal information about the subject of a crime, as well as the circumstances surrounding the criminal activity. The information contained in these records includes the following:

Full name and any known aliases of the subject

Physical descriptions (race, sex, tattoos, etc.)

Details of any past arrests

Pending charges

Past or current warrants

Mugshots Photograph

How do I Obtain A Criminal Record In Louisiana?

For a name-based criminal record search, you may contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification to carry out an internet background check.

The fee for this service is $26, and you'll need to first register an account with the platform before going on to use it. And if you're a new user, you must get authorization from the Department of Public Safety.

In-state employers and agencies who wish to get access to a criminal record in Louisiana are also mandated to get this authorization form. All requesters are required to attach a disclosure form and the necessary fee.

Louisiana Arrest Records

Arrest records in Louisiana contain arrest-related data, providing information that can be used in identifying arrested persons and in monitoring their cases.

These records are created by law enforcement agencies and they should contain information about the suspect, offense, the place, and time of the arrest.

This information will include the arrested person's profile, location, mugshots, fingerprint, and bail information among other things. 

How Do I Obtain Someone's Arrest Records in Louisiana?

The arresting agency is almost always the first place to start from, and they are mostly police officials or other law enforcement officials.

These agencies usually maintain databases where you can find the arrest records of anyone. You will most likely have to pay a search/copy fee to get access to the record.

Alternatively, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety (LADPS) operates a website where you can undertake an internet background search.

On this website, you only need to type in the record holder's name into a search field and click on search.

But before you can use this service, you have to create an account with the platform and pay $26 for each name search. 

Louisiana Inmate And Jail Records

You can find the following in these records:

* The inmate's full name and aliases, if any

Their personal information—date of birth, sex, nationality, etc. 

Their mugshot and fingerprint

Any applicable bail/bond conditions

Any related previous convictions and time served

Dates of incarceration or potential release

Louisiana arrest records serve to document some specific information regarding a person's incarceration history, present and sometimes past.

These records are maintained by The California Department of Criminal Records(CDCR), and they have jurisdiction over the prisons, correctional centers, and other detention facilities around Louisiana. 

How Do I Access Inmate Records In Louisiana

California inmate and jail records are documents that record information about people with a history of incarceration in any of the jails and detention facilities in California.

The California Department of Criminal Records (CDCR) is responsible for managing these records.

The department manages a database that has an extensive collection of inmate-related information. 

Can I try Third-party Websites?

These third-party websites are independent platforms with a vast array of public records in their possession.

They'll usually require a small fee or a membership application to process your search request. And because of their extensive records haul, they can return a mugshot and other information (about your subject)from your search. 

How Do I Obtain Mugshots From Third-party Websites

On visiting the homepage of these search websites, you'll be prompted to enter the name and state of your subject before clicking on the search icon.

The system will take a short moment to scan its records for similarly named files and then display a number of them.

You may bring down the list by adding extra details about the subject and you should locate the right result in no short time.

After the necessary fee is paid and the record downloaded or delivered by mail, you can go on to check out the information therein, and you should find a mugshot there. 

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