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Maryland Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Maryland

Maryland Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Maryland
September 12, 2022

Maryland became the seventh state in the United States in 1788. The state comprises 24 counties, including Baltimore, with a population of over six million people. 


In Maryland, all public agencies are mandated by the state's open record laws, also known as the Maryland Public Information Act (PIA), to make accessible to the public all public records or documents. 

The purpose of the PIA is similar to that of the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which allows interested persons to access public records such as arrest records upon contacting the relevant arresting agency. 

Maryland arrest records are official reports containing information about persons who have been interrogated and detained by the state's law enforcement agencies for having committed an offense. 


Maryland's law enforcement agencies are solely responsible for creating and maintaining arrest records once an individual is arrested concerning an alleged offense. 

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Information Found in a Maryland Arrest Record

Any person caught or suspected of breaching the state's Code and Court Rules may be arrested and convicted of a criminal offense. 


Once such a person is arrested, the arresting officer will generate an arrest report in their name. The following details are included in a Maryland arrest record:

* Arrest and booking details, including booking number, arresting agency, current warrants (if any), location of arrest, mugshots, time and date of booking, the next court date, type of arrest, fingerprints, time and manner of release, etc. 

*  Personal information, including the suspect's birthplace, current location, employment position, full name and aliases, age, social security number, etc. 

*  Crime information such as type of crime (misdemeanor, infraction, or felony), chronological description of the crime, etc. 
Physical attributes of the suspect, including eye color, gender, race, hair color, tattoos, scars, weight, height, and other outstanding features of the suspect.

* Information obtained from police interrogations.

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How to Find Maryland Arrest Records

Usually, the person looking for an arrest record in Maryland is the subject of the record. However, the state permits individuals other than the arrest record holder to look up arrest records. The following are techniques employed in finding arrest records in Maryland:

Finding Maryland Arrest Records through the Police Department and Sheriffs' Offices

The first place to find an arrest record in Maryland is the police department or sheriff's office, responsible for making the arrest. However, record transmission procedures and fees differ from one agency to another; therefore, it is recommended you visit or contact the official site of the relevant department. 


For instance, the Baltimore County Sheriff's Office, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, and the Baltimore City Sheriff's Office offer online forms you can complete and submit. 


Additionally, the Charles County Sheriff's Office and the Carroll County Sheriff's Office render printable record request forms, which can be emailed, sent, or delivered in person. Others might require you to appear in person before offering you the arrest records you need. 

The local law enforcement agency will require you to provide certain information to implement a PIA application. Such details include the personal data of the arrestee, like their full name, booking number, and case number. 


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You will also be required to state your personal information, including full name, mailing address, phone number, valid ID, and other details. 


You will be charged a fee for copies of the arrest records, which can be paid in a check, money order, or cash. 

Finding Maryland Arrest Records Through the Department of Justice Services (DOJ) Database

You can also find arrest records in Maryland by visiting the state's Department of Justice Services (DOJ). The DOJ is tasked with maintaining the state's criminal history records. 


These records offer a more comprehensive picture of an individual's arrest history. You will be required to pay $10 for copies of the arrest records. An extra $2 while charged for each copy handled by mail.

Finding Maryland Arrest Records Through Subpoena 

The right to access public records under Maryland's Public Information Act is not absolute. This means that while the public is generally permitted to access public records, such rights may be withheld under certain circumstances. 


For example, a subpoena is an order of a court that mandates a person to appear before the court or produce certain documents. Subpoenaing for an arrest record is allowed in Maryland and can be used provided there are valid grounds for such application. 

a magnifying glass on a computer keyboard

To subpoena an arrest record, you must first download and complete the subpoena form with the necessary information before submitting it to the court clerk. 


After that, proceed to serve a copy of the subpoena to the arresting agency withholding the arrest records. You can download a copy of a subpoena application form on Maryland's Judicial Branch's Court Forms page.

If the arrest record relates to a traffic or criminal court case, the required form is MD5669. The subpoena can be delivered in person to the record custodian. 


While the Maryland subpoena appears straightforward, it is advisable to consult with a legal advisor to meet every legal requirement.


While all Maryland arrest records searches are considered confidential, the state's criminal arrest and conviction records are traditionally available to the people. They are considered to be the "public business." 


These arrest records are maintained in a central repository for an indefinite period.

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