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Georgia Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in the State of Georgia

October 10, 2022

State and local law enforcement organizations in Georgia are responsible for creating and keeping records of arrests once a person is detained. 


These documents provide details regarding the arrest and information on the crime and suspect. 

In addition, local law enforcement organizations in Georgia keep track of the arrests of certain people within their jurisdiction by maintaining arrest records. 


Therefore, if you have been arrested in many Georgian counties, each one will have a record of your arrests. 

It is important to note that a Georgia arrest record is different from the state's criminal record. 


Criminal records are generated following the offender's conviction for an offense, while arrest records in Georgia merely establish that such a person was apprehended. Hence, this is not conclusive proof of a person's guilt. 

Georgia has an Open Records Act that allows full public access to all public documents and records, including arrest records. 


To gain access to arrest records, you must submit a request to the relevant law enforcement agency. 


However, juvenile arrest records are excluded from the list of public records. There might also be some records that are restricted from public viewing by virtue of a court order.

Georgia state flag with handcuffs on it

How to Perform A Georgia Arrest Records Search

Nowadays, you do not need to go out to perform a Georgia arrest records search; you have several search options at your disposal that we will discuss further ahead. 


If you need to find files other than Georgia arrest records, you can use websites that provide access to public records in the country. is one of the largest service providers of its kind, allowing users to perform extensive searches and background checks on others. If you want to just find arrest records in Georgia, this is how to do it:

How to Find Arrest Records in Georgia

Persons looking for arrest records in Georgia can employ any of the following procedures:

Finding Georgia Arrest Records Through the State's Felon Search Website

The vast majority of the requests for arrest records in Georgia come from the actual subject of the arrest. 


However, third parties are also allowed access to these records once they have the necessary clearance from law enforcement agencies. 

a magnifying glass on a laptop keyboard

You can search for arrest records of a third party on the state's felon search website, which is managed by the Georgia Technology Authority. 


You will be required to provide the personal information of the offender, such as their first and last names, sex, and date of birth. 

The site will provide you with a list of matching names you can sort through. 


Finding an exact match will require you to conduct a fingerprint comparison. 


Please note that you will be charged $15 per search, which applies irrespective of whether or not your search yields results. You can contact them on:

Phone: (404) 463-2300
In-person at: 
47 Trinity Ave SW
Atlanta, GA 30334.

Finding Georgia Arrest Records Via the Local Law Enforcement Agency 

Another way to find Georgia arrest records is by visiting the local law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest. 


This usually includes the local county sheriff's office or the police department. 

Most law enforcement agencies publish arrest records on their websites, and you can search these sites at no cost. 

handcuffs and a gavel on a book


However, you will be required to provide various identifying information such as your name, address, subject's booking number, and social security number. 


In addition, the sites will provide you with a list of matching results you can filter through. 


You can also visit in person and fill out the criminal record history form to commence your search.

Finding Georgia Arrest Records Through a Subpoena 


While Georgia's Open Records Act provides for public access to arrest records, such as juvenile offenders, access to these records can be restricted or exempted under certain circumstances. 


In such a situation, a court order or subpoena will be needed to obtain the record. 

A subpoena is a judicial order mandating a public body, such as a law enforcement agency, to provide certain documents. 


Title 24, Chapter 13 of the Georgia Code provides for the procedures for obtaining subpoenas. 

The party seeking the arrest record must first apply to the court for an order of a subpoena. This can be obtained from the local county court. 


The subpoena must include details about the requesting party, such as their name, address, and the title of custodian of the arrest records. 

After the agency holding the record receives the subpoena, they will proceed to provide the arrest records. 


The process usually doesn't cost any fee and is concluded within two to three weeks.

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Georgia Public Arrest Records: How Long Are They Available?

Arrest records are not permanently kept on a public record in Georgia. 


However, in some situations, an arrest does not lead to prosecution or conviction; therefore, it is not proper for such an individual's arrest record to remain in public space. 


When an arrest does not bring a conviction, the record is removed from the public record. 

Although these records might be sealed after the stipulated period, it is only temporary. 


The record can be reopened if new evidence is introduced into the case or the prosecutor chooses to continue the investigation. 


Georgia has an excellent public record act that allows easy access to arrest and criminal records. 


The state also allows individuals to seal their arrest records if they meet the required conditions. 


Aside from this, the state also has a definite retention schedule policy that automatically seals some records after the defined time has passed.

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