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Kentucky Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Kentucky

Kentucky Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Kentucky
July 14, 2022

Mugshots are used to identify persons arrested for committing an offense or a person convicted of certain crimes. And if you wish to get the mugshots of anyone in Kentucky, perhaps for a criminal background search, here are a few resources you can use. 

What is A Criminal Record in Kentucky?

Kentucky criminal records are official documents that record a person's criminal history in Kentucky. These records contain data on convicted offenders and are collected from the courts, local, county, and state jurisdictions as well as state correctional facilities. The information contained in the records includes the following: 

* Full name and aliases of the offender 

* Their age, birthdate, sex, race/ethnicity, gender

* Fingerprints and Mugshots

* Tattoos, scars, body markings, and any unique identifiers

* Arrest data and outstanding warrants

* Pending dispositions and conviction history 

How Do I Obtain Criminal Records In Kentucky?

In Kentucky, the courts, through the state judiciary, are responsible for the custody of criminal records, and the clerk of courts is the chief custodian. Online searches are one of the ways to access these records, the others being mail and in-person requests. If you wish to explore online channels in your quest to find these records, you can perform a name-based check at the FastCheck portal.

But first, you'll be required to create an account, and you'll be charged a $25.00 fee per search, along with a $2.5 processing fee per transaction. This $25 fee also applies to those who make in-person criminal record requests at the administrative offices of the courts. 

What Are Arrest Records In Kentucky?

Kentucky arrest records contain information about a person's arrest history in the state. The information on these records borders on a person's arrest, detention, or confinement due to a misdemeanor, felony, or any other offenses they're charged with committing. This information includes the arrested person's name, birth date, physical descriptors, and the details of the charges levied on them prior to the arrest. 

How Do I Obtain Someone's Arrest Records in Kentucky?

The police department, county sheriff's office, or in general, the law enforcement officer responsible for making the arrest is usually the custodian of a person's arrest records. You can approach them for access to these records or make a request at the Kentucky State Police for access to public records.

And while at it, you may opt for an Open Records Request Form to submit your criminal records request for which you'll be charged 10 cents. You can make hand-delivered, faxed, or emailed requests to the Kentucky State Police, but only after appending your signature and name to the request.

The administrative offices of clerks(AOC) manage a FastCheck portal that you can use to easily find a person's criminal records. A fee of $25.00 is required to be paid, and you must be a registered person in Kentucky. 

Illinois Inmate Records

Kentucky inmate records documents information about persons incarcerated in any of the prisons or county jails in Kentucky. For access to these records, you can approach the record custodian at the correctional facility where the inmate is being held custody. And when you get access to the records, you may come across the following:

* The inmate's  full name and any known aliases

* Their personal information such as birth date, gender, and any notable physical features 

* The nature and details of the offense committed by the inmate

* Incarceration date and potential release date

* The address of the prison, correction centers, or any detention facility where the subject is held

How To Obtain Kentucky Inmate Records

The Kentucky Department of Corrections manages an inmate database that can be used to find an inmate in Kentucky. This database is provided at the Kentucky Online Offender Lookup (KOOL) platform. There you can input the inmate's first, middle, and last names, PID numbers, and any other aliases before clicking on search.

And in addition, you can opt to throw in the inmate's offense, date of conviction and crime, age, and gender. The search results should reveal the inmate you have in mind, and you can find their mugshot attached to the inmate's profile in addition to other things. 

Third-party Websites

These third-party websites are privately run platforms with a great haul of public records in their possession with which they provide search services. They source these public records from government agencies and maintain a database that compiles all the records.

How Do I Obtain Mugshots From Third-party Websites?

You may visit the third-party website and provide the name and state of your subject in the spaces provided. On clicking the search box, the system will search its database for any records with descriptions matching your search terms. And when you arrive at the right one, you may download it immediately or have it sent to you.

You may pay a membership fee to get access to their search platform before you can see the records. But when you see them, you can find the mugshot of your subject if they have an arrest/criminal history. 

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