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Kentucky Marriage Records Search

Kentucky Marriage Records Search
September 5, 2022

With the rising need to obtain marriage records online, we have figured that there is a need for an article explaining how to find marriage records online in Kentucky and how to run a free marriage records search. 


If you and your partner or any of your relatives have tied the knot in Kentucky, there are a dozen reasons why you might need to run a Kentucky marriage records search. 


Once you have received your Kentucky marriage records, you might need them in the future when making any significant decision like immigration, property purchase, or legal name change.

a groom standing next to his bride and signing a paper

Types of Kentucky Marriage Records

You first need to understand the definition of Kentucky marriage records. Marriage licenses and marriage certificates represent Kentucky marriage records. 


The marriage license is the document obtained before the wedding to legally authorize the couple to get married, proving there are no legal, religious, or health restrictions. 


As a rule, the couple should wed about 60 days after the marriage license was issued. Otherwise, they would need to apply for the new one. Once the couple is finally married, they are eligible to receive a marriage certificate with the following information on it:

- Names of the Spouses
- Birth Dates of the Spouses
- Addresses (Residence)
- Occupation of the Spouses
- Parent's Full Names
- Witnesses' Names
- Name of Officiating Minister of Registrar
- Religious Denomination of the Spouses
- Place and Date of the Ceremony

Many institutions ask for legal proof of marriage. In most cases, this would mean that you are required to submit a marriage certificate.

an illustration of a woman's hand signing a marriage certificate

Who is Eligible to Run a Kentucky Marriage Records Online?

Technically, everybody who has reached 18 is eligible to run a Kentucky marriage records search. Apart from that, you would be required to pay a small fee of $10-$50 depending on the type of service. 


Generally, most people who look for the Kentucky court records online are spouses. However, third parties are also allowed to find marriage records in Kentucky. 


Both spouses and third parties must comply with the requirements mentioned above and have to submit a written request to browse marriage records in Kentucky, including the following information:

• Personal and contact information of the requestor
• Personal Data of the party whose name is on the record
• Relationship between the requestor and the party on the record (e.g., father, mother, son, daughter, husband, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, legal guardian, etc.)
• The reason for the request (e.g., insurance proceeds, authentication, death benefits, private purposes, etc.)
• The date of marriage
• The place of marriage
• Scope of search required (statewide or county limited)
• ID photo

You could make an appellation if you get rejected to run a Kentucky marriage record search for other people's records. However, you need both spouses' permission to look for their Kentucky marriage records. Remember that you must provide written authorization with the spouse's signatures.


two people sitting in front of a laptop screen that reads marriage certification

How to Find Marriage Records Online in Kentucky?

Having established that you comply with the requirements to find some Kentucky marriage records online, you have a few possibilities to do that. Even though free marriage records search is preferred, there are only a few relevant sources to do so, and they are:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website | (

CDC is one of the best websites to offer you a free marriage records search. All you have to indicate is the state where the marriage was concluded, and the website will provide you with all the contact information of the vital offices located in that state. Additionally, it will give you information about the fee range for the Kentucky marriage records-related services.


Commonwealth of Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services Website | (

The CDC website will redirect you to the website of Kentucky's Vital Records Office. A website does not allow them to run a free marriage records search, but it will enable them to find marriage records in Kentucky for a relatively small fee. Additionally, the place is one of the best websites to use regarding the accuracy and credibility of information.


a magnifying glass on a laptop keyboard

Independent Platform | (

However, having found the Kentucky marriage records online, you can always back up your search with the information on the parties whose names are mentioned on the Kentucky marriage records. 

This might be needed if you have searched for marriage records in Kentucky which belonged to third parties. Running Kentucky marriage records search on any independent platform is good to ensure the accuracy of the information. In particular, you could find the following information:

· Employment and Education History
· Contact Information
· Civil and Criminal Court Records (if applicable)

This article has explained how to find marriage records online in Kentucky. If you have more questions about finding marriage records online in Kentucky, contact the vital records office via phone or email.

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