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Mugshots Florida: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Florida

Mugshots Florida: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Florida
July 31, 2022

Whenever a person is arrested and profiled by law enforcement officers, they usually have their pictures taken during their interaction with the law enforcement agencies.

These pictures are usually taken in front view and side view shots and are known as Mugshots. In Florida, they are mostly included as part of a police report and can be found in arrest/criminal records, among other public record databases.

So if you want to get the mugshot of any person in Florida, you can look for these records or take a couple of other routes that we discuss in this article. 

Arrest Records In Florida

Florida arrest records are official documents containing information about criminal activities and arrests that took place in Florida or are somehow connected to the state.

They are mostly created by law enforcement agencies such as the police and will usually document a person's alleged involvement in criminal activity.

A typical arrest record will include the suspect's personal information(including their picture), the severity and nature of their alleged crime, and the criminal charges levied against them, among other things. 

How To Get A Mugshot From Florida Arrest Records

In general, law enforcement agencies are responsible for maintaining arrest records in Florida. So you may stop by the police department or the local sheriff's office in the county where you suspect the crime to have happened.

But if you want to search online for state-held arrest records, you can visit the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) website and follow the on-screen instructions. 

There, you'll process a "certified search" of their criminal history. Next, you'll be asked to pay an order completion fee of $24 alongside a $1 processing fee that can be paid via credit or debit card for each search.

You should get a "certified search" copy of the record delivered to your mail in a week, and you can find the person's mugshot, among other information. 

Florida Criminal Records 

Like Arrest records, Florida criminal records document information about a person's criminal activity in Florida. The information in these records is usually sourced from various law enforcement agencies, courts, correctional institutions, state-run and county offices, etc.

This information may include the alleged person's data, mugshot, fingerprint, and previous criminal history. 

How Do I Obtain A Mugshot From Florida Criminal Records?

Your first move would be to visit the website of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). As the primary holders of criminal records in electronic format in Florida, they'll be best placed to help you locate the mugshot of anyone in the state.

They provide this service through their Criminal History Record Check website. On this website, you'll be asked to input the suspected person's full name, date of birth, or approximate age. For a $25 search fee, your request for an instant criminal record may be processed. 

As soon as your request is successfully processed, you'll be given options of either printing the search results or requesting that they be sent to you as an email attachment.

Alternatively, you can use the SHIELD portal to request the subject's certified criminal records, but only for official purposes.

You'll pay the same search fees, but the search results will only turn out several weeks later. In the search results, you should see the mugshot of your subject of interest, along with other information relating to their crime. 

Florida Inmate Records

Florida Inmate Records contains information about inmates in prisons, jails, and other correctional institutions. They are official documents found on a database that's managed by the state's Department of Corrections.

Information found in this database will include the inmate's personal information, their crime, date of incarceration, and expected release, among other things. 

How Do I Get A Mugshot From Florida Inmate Records?

The Florida Department of Corrections provides an offender information search site that can be queried for information about an inmate in any part of Florida.

By inputting the inmate's DC number(a six-character alphanumeric identification code) or their first/last name, you can locate them on this website.

To effectively narrow your search, you may also use the inmate's alias while searching the database. Your search will return the following results concerning them:

* The inmate's full name and any known aliases

Physical descriptors and any unique identifying features 

Present location

Custody status

Date of admission and expected date of release 


Information about their detention facility  

Third-party Websites

Third-party websites are non-governmental platforms that collect public records from different sources, including government agencies and their databases. 

Getting A Mugshot From Third-party Websites

Third-Party websites will provide the easiest route to obtaining mugshots of people in Florida or elsewhere. They provide text fields where you can input the name and state of your subject of interest.

To narrow your search, the website may ask you to provide supplementary information about the person, such as their age.

The search results may be sent to you by mail or immediately released. It'll contain their mugshot alongside their personal information and other details related to their offense. 

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