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Tarrant County Inmate Search: Find Inmates in Tarrant County

Tarrant County Inmate Search: Find Inmates in Tarrant County
August 7, 2022

If you ever need to look for an inmate in Tarrant County, Texas, there are a couple of ways you can go about it.

You can schedule a visit at the county jail where the inmate is being held and then meet with the inmate in question.

However, this approach is less straightforward if you do not know the county jail where they are being held in custody.

If this is the case for you, we've suggested a couple of measures you can take to find the inmate you have in mind. 

The Tarrant County Inmate Search page

On behalf of the Texas Department of Corrections (TDOC), Tarrant County has a dedicated inmate search portal that you can explore in your quest to find an inmate in the state.

On this inmate search platform, you'll be required to provide some identifying information about the subject of your search. This information typically includes their names, gender, state, and Criminal Identification Number. 

When you enter these details in the text fields provided in this database, This inmate search platform scans its exhaustive list of statewide inmate records for any records matching your search.

So when you request a search, you will most likely find your inmate of interest, as long as they have a history of incarceration in the state.

Also, this search portal contains links to the sheriff's department and the Detention bureau to whom you can make special inmate search requests. 

Sex Offender's Registry

If your subject has been convicted of a sexually motivated crime in Tarrant County, Texas, they should have their case recorded in the state's sex offender's registry.

Texas's department of public safety (TXDPS) compiles a list of registered sex offenders in the state and records their criminal profiles in a registry.

This registry is a database of sorts, containing information about sexual offenders/predators in the state. 

Some of this information includes the personal information of the offender, their physical description, and a mugshot.

Others include information about, and the circumstances leading to their offense, arrest, prosecution, conviction, and sentencing.

From their sentencing information, you can get an idea of the prison or detention facility they are housed.

The Sheriff's Office And Police Reports

The Sheriff's Office or the department of police officials responsible for apprehending a person accused of a sexually-related offense is a good place to direct your inmate search effort.

These law enforcement agencies open a case file on behalf of any sex offender they apprehend.

And because criminal offenses of a sexual nature are very sensitive, they'll monitor the case throughout all its trial proceedings. 

This means they'll update their records as your subject is profiled, interrogated, tried in court, and possibly convicted and sentenced.

They will keep their findings in a local database or in print/electronic records that they make available for public view in the future.

The sheriff is mostly charged with managing these records, and you can find inmate rosters, booking, and arrest reports with them.

Third-party Websites

Third-party websites are exactly what their name implies, that is, websites without any known affiliation to government channels.

They have an immense amount of public records in their possession and these records include Inmate records and criminal/arrest history.

In exchange for access to these records, they will mostly demand a small membership fee in most cases.

On these websites, you'll be required to provide the name of the person you're looking for. You can make your search specific when you carry it out using a prison handbook or any dedicated inmates search platform.

You only have to provide the name and state of your subject, and the system will scour the length of its endless reserve in search of any records matching your terms. 

Court Records

The courts are the custodians of a vast array of case files that border on diverse subjects, some of which are crime-related.

When a person accused of a criminal offense in Tarrant county is tried in any of its courts, a court record is generated in their name. This record will bear information about their arrest, trial, and possible conviction.

And if they are remanded in the county jail subject to further deliberation on their case, the court's records will be updated and used to keep tabs on them. 

If the accused person is later convicted of the crime and sentenced to prison, the court records will be updated to include information about the location of their detention facility, the duration of their sentence, and their current case status.

If you wish to get hold of this information, you only need to provide the clerk of the court with their case/docket number or any other identifying information about the subject.

In Tarrant County, you have to pay a fee of $1.5 per page for each certified or non-certified copy of the record you desire to obtain.

Alternatively, you can perform a search at the Texas VINE website, a director of crime-related information managed by the TDCJ.

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