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Kansas Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Kansas

Kansas Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Kansas
July 12, 2022

Most people look out for mugshots when they run a background check on someone with whom they have something in common, such as a job or an accommodation.

The presence of these mugshots shows that a person has once had a run-in with the law, and they can be found in police reports, arrest/criminal records, etc.

To find the mugshots of anyone in Kansas, you may use any of the options suggested in this article. 

Third-party Platforms 

Third-party websites make it easy to find the mugshot of anyone in Kansas due to their impressive possession of public records. 

And because they've gone to great lengths to get these public records, they may ask for a small fee for you to get them

How Do I Get A Mugshot From Third-party Websites?

You can visit the website backgroundchecks, where you'll come across text fields with headers for the name and state of your subject.

Once you provide them and click on the search box, the system will quickly scan its records for results matching the search.

 If your search is successful, you should have the file of your subject downloaded or delivered to your mail in no time.

And if your subject has a history of arrests, you'll surely find their mugshot along with other information about them. 

 Criminal Records in Kansas: What are They?

Kansas criminal records are official documents detailing a person's involvement in criminal activity in the state.

Law enforcement agencies across all levels as well as courts and correctional facilities statewide are mostly relied on to provide the information found in these records.

The Kansas Bureau of Criminal Identification ultimately sees to the custody of these records.

The bulk of the Information contained in this record includes the subject's personal and criminal case information, mugshots, and charges, among others. 

How Can I Find Kansas Criminal Records in Kansas?


To obtain the criminal records of someone in Kansas, you'd be required to make an official inquiry at the Kansas Bureau of Identification.

You'll have to first create an account at the online portal maintained by the bureau before searching the criminal record of your subject. 

Name-based criminal record searches will set you back by $20 per copy. As an alternative, you can mail a request for certified name-based criminal history checks for a fee of $30.00.

For a fingerprint-based search, you'll need to be issued a fingerprint card by the bureau to be filled at the local sheriff's office.

The cost rises to $45 for this service to be submitted along with the application packet. 

What Are Kansas Arrest Records?

Kansas arrest records are official documents concerning the arrest and detention of persons suspected to be guilty of a crime in Arizona.

They are prepared by law enforcement agencies and will usually signify if the case ends with a conviction or acquittal of the arrested person.

The information in these records includes the arrested person's bio-data and others related to the crime, such as the general crime and booking information. 

How Do I Obtain Arrest Records In Kansas?

Kansas arrest records are statutorily designed to be accessible to members of the public under the Kansas Open Record Act.

So you'll find them open to access whenever you look in that direction. You can start by making inquiries at the local law enforcement offices, such as the police department or the sheriff's office, and you should have your request attended to.

And in the Kansas Criminal Courts and County offices and several other government agencies, you can find arrest records, warrants, and mugshots related to your subject of interest.  

What Are Kansas Inmate Records?

Kansas inmate records are documents that provide information about people held in the custody of the state government across prisons and correctional centers in Kansas.

They are created by the authorities in the places where the prisoner is held in custody and documented by the Kansas Department of Corrections.

The information contained in these records includes;

* The inmate's name, and aliases (if it is available)

Their personal information, such as date of birth, gender, and any notable physical features 

The nature of and details about their offense, Incarceration date, and potential release date

The address of the jail, prison, correction center, or any detention facility where the subject is being held.

How to Procure Kansas Inmates Records

Inmates in the system can be found using the KDOC Offender Search tool. There, you'll be required to provide the first, last, and middle names of the person or the person's KDOC number.

Of the three, this unique identity—the KDOC number will help you narrow down your search results, and you'll be required to solve a few CAPTCHAs before submitting.

If you want an advanced database search, you may provide your subject's Social Security Number and State ID (KBI) Number. Using the mm/dd/yyyy format, fill the necessary spaces for the persons' date of birth and enter their race, gender, facility name, and other text fields in the seat tool. 

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