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Arizona Mugshots Search

Arizona Mugshots Search
Michelle S. June 23, 2022

Mugshots are pictures of people who have been picked up and profiled by law enforcement agencies. They usually pop up as part of a police report and may end up in the deep end of public records compiled by government agencies.

And because these public records eventually find their way to the general public, you should not experience too much difficulty locating them. And if you're unsure of how to go about it, here are some means you can explore to find a mugshot in Arizona. 

What Are Arizona Criminal Records?

Criminal records in Arizona contain information about a person's past or present criminal activity. They contain details about their arrest and every other event leading to a conviction or an acquittal.

Courts, law enforcement agencies, and detention facilities around Arizona are the chief contributors to the information contained in these documents, and the information includes :

* The full name and known aliases of the convict

* Their Age or Date of birth, race, gender, and other personal descriptors

* Their mugshot and fingerprints

* Any recorded past and present criminal offenses, indictments, and inmate warrants

* Convictions secured against them, and inmate records

How Do I Obtain Criminal Records In Arizona?

From the local law enforcement and court databases to the Arizona Department of Public Safety(ADPS), there are a couple of channels you can explore in your quest to find a person's criminal records.

The latter offers statewide criminal history records that you can access after a formal request application. You can check the Criminal History Records page of the ADPS, and you should find your answers there.

Alternatively, you may contact the Arizona sheriff’s offices and police departments for the local criminal histories in their possession. Or you can check out the online portals of the Arizona courts and the search tool operated by the Arizona Judicial Branch to undertake a criminal search. 

What Are Arizona Arrest Records?

Arrest records in Arizona are official documents with information pertaining to the arrest and detention of persons suspected to be guilty of a crime in Arizona.

They are drafted by law enforcement agencies and are the first step that may lead to a conviction of the suspect or an acquittal. The information contained in these records includes the arrested person's bio data alongside those related to the crime, such as the offense and the arresting officer.

How Do I Obtain Arrest Records In Arizona

Arrest records in Arizona are statutorily designated as public records, so you can always find them available when you wish to find them. You may start by making inquiries at the local law enforcement offices, as they are the primary creators of arrest reports.

These reports end up at the Arizona Department of public safety, so you may also explore that option. Whichever one you settle for, you'll be asked to pay a processing or copy fee. If you want another option, you may try out the case search tool managed by the Arizona Judicial Branch. 

What Are Arizona Inmate Records?

Inmate records in Arizona contain extensive information on the people who have once been or are currently under the custody of the government's jails, correctional facilities, and prisons.

These records include details related to the person's crime, their incarceration, expected release dates, and other personal information. The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) is responsible for the administration of the prisons and the management of inmate records. 

How Do I Obtain Inmate Records In Arizona

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) manages all the inmate records held in the 10 state-run and 6 privately run prisons in Arizona. They have a website where you can find an Inmate Datasearch tool that can be used to locate an inmate in their custody.

You can take up a quick inmate lookup at this website, and you should find the subject you have in mind. 

Third-party websites

Third-party websites will, without doubt, provide the fastest route to finding the mugshot of anyone in Arizona. They have gone the extra searching for public records and have a vast collection for all their efforts.

Some of these websites are even devoted to providing mugshot search services, while others include mugshots as part of a criminal background check.

How Do I Get A Mugshot From Third-party Websites

While there are tons of third-party websites, you may begin your search by checking out the website backgroundchecks. This website makes provision in the form of text fields where you can fill in the name and state of your subject of interest.

Immediately you fill these fields and click on the search, and the system will get to work, scanning its endless reserves of public records to provide matching results.

The system may prompt you to provide additional information to help trim down the field of results. Success in your search will leave you with options of either downloading the record or sending it as a mail. If the subject of your search has a criminal history, you can be sure that their mugshots will pop up in the records. 

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