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Indiana Mugshot Search

Indiana Mugshot Search
July 7, 2022

Mugshots are pictures of people apprehended by law enforcement officers on the premise that they've been found to have violated a law.

The arrested persons are captured from their shoulders upwards in front view and side-view portraits, thus making for easy identification by their victims, the public, and law enforcement agencies. In Indiana, they are primarily included in reports generated by law enforcement officers.

These reports can be found in arrest and criminal records where they are designated as public records, as required by the state's Freedom of Information Laws.

As these records have been designed to be easily accessed by members of the public, you can find them without going to great lengths.


So if you ever have doubts about someone you're in business with, a prospective employee, or a new tenant, a mugshot search from a background check can put your mind to rest, or not. 


We've suggested some channels you can explore to get these mugshots, and they should come in handy for you.


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Obtaining Indiana Criminal Record


Indiana criminal records are official documents that comprehensively detail a person's involvement in criminal activity.


The information contained in these records is mostly gotten from law enforcement officers over their interactions with accused persons. And when they are fully compiled, you can expect to find the following information in them


* Full name and aliases of the subject

* Date of birth, race, ethnicity, and distinctive physical identifiers 

* Mugshots and fingerprints

* Past and present indictments, warrants, and convictions


How You Can Obtain Criminal Records in Indiana


You can kick off your search at the Criminal History Search portal provided by the Indiana State Police (ISP).


This portal is one of the criminal record repositories managed by the state. Your search options go from a fingerprint criminal record search to a name-based criminal record search.


Whichever you settle for, you'll be required to pay a $15 fee along with the processing fees. But if you want to perform a free search, you'll have to obtain a fee waiver from the Indiana state police (ISP).


a man's finger being fingerprinted

Using Arrest Records in Indiana


Indiana arrest records are documents that contain information about the arrest of a person in Indiana.


These records document the events that led to the arrest and those that follow suit, including the profiling, interrogation, and possible indictment of the arrested persons.


The information gotten from these events is compiled in arrest records, and they include the personal information of the subject(name, gender, race/ethnicity, birthdate, photographs, etc.). 


Others include the date and place where the arrest was made, the name and rank of the arresting officer, etc. 


How Do I Lookup Someone's Arrest Records in Indiana?


The arrest records related to misdemeanors and felonies can be gotten from a Limited Criminal History (LCH) search.


This search service can be easily accessed online at the Indiana State Police-managed LCH request portal.


To search, you have to provide the subject's name, birth date, gender, and race. You may also be required to provide the Social Security Number and birthplace of the subject, but this happens only frequently.


For each record you collect, you'll be charged a fee. And you can choose to either pay these fees by credit card at $16.32 for each record or pay $15 per record on a subscription basis.


a gavel, handcuffs and a magnifying glass on a sheet of fingerprints

Using Inmate Records in Indiana?


Indiana inmate records are documents generated when a person is held in the custody of the Indiana Department of Corrections.


Law enforcement agencies and detention facilities are responsible for generating these records. In these records, you can find the following information:


* The inmate's name and aliases, if any. 

* Information about their crime

* The inmate's personal information details, such as date of birth, gender, ethnicity, etc. 

* Fingerprints and mugshot of the inmate

* Date of Incarceration and expected release. 

* Any bail and bond conditions. 


How Do I Search for Inmate Records In Indiana


You can search for and find an inmate in the offender database provided by the Indiana Department of Corrections(IDOC).


To search this database, you'll have to provide the inmate's first name, last name, or DOC number. But if you want your search to be more direct, you may input all three parameters in the text fields. 


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What are Third-party Websites?


Third-party websites are independently managed search platforms that offer search services to people.


These websites have a wealth of public records in their possession, and these public records contain information on diverse subjects.


These public records are obtained from government institutions and agencies, from law enforcement to judiciary systems and detention facilities. 


How To Access Mugshots From Third-party Websites


Whether you use a mugshot finding website, a prison handbook site, or a people finder, you can get the mugshot of your subject, except for certain sensitive cases.


On this search website, you'll be required to provide the names and last known state of your subject.


On filling these fields and clicking on search, the system can present your subject and you can see their mugshot (if it is available) along with other information about them.

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