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Utah Mugshots Search

Utah Mugshots Search
July 20, 2022

Mugshots of current or previous offenders in Utah can typically be found in their arrest or criminal records.


Criminal records in the state are maintained by the Utah Department of Corrections and you may obtain these records by making your request in person, via email, or by telephone.


Since arrest and criminal records are also categorized as public records under the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), third-party websites also have access to them.


In this article, you'll learn how to easily and conveniently find mugshots in Utah.


a gun and handcuffs on a sheet of fingerprints


Third-Party Websites: What They Do


Third-party websites typically boast detailed databases which they get from public documents as well as open-source files.


These platforms can legally display information about anyone in the US in minutes, as long as the information is not confidential.


However, they often charge a small fee for their services and a few of them will ask you to register with them.


How Can You Access Mugshot From Third-Party Websites?


Most background search services have intuitive websites to make searching on their platform fairly easy and straightforward.


As soon as you land on their website, you can easily locate labeled text boxes where you can input the details of your search subject.


Once you’ve done that and clicked the “search” button, the website takes a few seconds to compile results, then provides information about the people that most closely match your search. 


Typically, search results are provided instantly, but a few websites may choose to send the results to your email address.


Visit the findmugshots, prisonhandbook, and recordsfinder websites, enter the necessary information for a thorough search, and you can quickly view mugshots of persons in Utah who have a criminal record.


As an alternative, you can look up information in state or county records, on the websites of local police departments, in the state's sex offender registry, or on the department of corrections website.


a hand holding a magnifying glass over a sheet of fingerprints


What Can You Get from Utah Arrest Records?


Information to be found in Utah arrest records include:


* A physical description of the offender, including unique features such as tattoos, scars, and other body markings

* The offender’s personal information, including their full name, known aliases, birthplace, current address, present job, and social security number.

* The offender’s arrest and booking details including their mugshot, booking number, arrest type, arrest location, arresting agency, date and time of booking, bail amount, etc.

* Information on the offender’s crime

* Detailed description of the arresting law enforcement agency’s interrogation process.


The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) generally provides Utah residents with access to all public records in the state if they apply to the appropriate record holder.


However, Utah remains one of the country's closed record states. A closed record is not open to the public in its entirety or part, and closed record states restrict access to certain criminal record data.


How Can You Access Utah Arrest Records?


In Utah, local sheriff departments provide online platforms for interested individuals to view public arrest records. These searches are free, but they only yield basic information about the suspect.


Any other information about the investigation is not considered or classified as public information.


An interested party may also look for arrest records at the courts or the arresting agency. There are several authorized law enforcement agencies throughout the state that provide official criminal records.


Utah provides a comprehensive list of these authorized agencies.


People in Utah may also view arrest records by requesting criminal records for a suspect.


The state of Utah keeps criminal records in a centralized repository, just like other states do. Located within the Department of Public Safety, the repository is the Bureau of Criminal Identification.


It was established by Utah Code 53-10-201. Requests can be made in person or by mail to the Bureau of Criminal Identification, 3888 West 5400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84129.


Download and print the application form, fill it out, and mail it in. The state does not accept online applications.


a mugshot sign next a ball and chain


Applicants must pay a $15 fee whether they apply by mail or in person. Cash, check, or money order payments drawn from a US bank are accepted in person. Individuals may pay by US check, money order, or credit card when making a mail request.


Applications for criminal records in Utah must include a set of fingerprints. Individuals can obtain fingerprints at various prices from local law enforcement agencies.


As proof of identity, all applications must include a copy of a valid state identification card.


About Utah Criminal Records


The Utah Freedom of Information Act allows Utah residents access to criminal records free of charge as soon as they apply to the custodians of the records. Mugshots of offenders are included in their criminal records.


How Can You Access Utah Criminal Records


Local and state law enforcement agencies in Utah create, issue, and maintain public criminal records. Having said that, the Utah Department of Public Safety is primarily responsible for criminal records.


You can access these records by visiting law enforcement agencies in your local county or city, or by going up to the state level. 


The Utah Department of Public Safety is in charge of the state's central repository of criminal history information, while the Bureau of Criminal Identification is in charge of making these records available to those who want to conduct a criminal record search.


Various jurisdictions in Utah use various methods for creating and maintaining criminal records. Most records, however, are available through online record depositories, which are frequently open to the public.


Although free public criminal record checks may be available, standard search and copy fees will apply.

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