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Indiana Marriage Records Search

Indiana Marriage Records Search
August 21, 2022

It is widely known that every marriage concluded in Indiana has its record.

These Indiana marriage records are often kept at the County Clerk's office or a vital office (in this case, the Indiana Department of Health Division of Vital Records).

Indiana marriage records are crucially important for all the big occasions, such as immigration, property purchase, or the change of name on all the legal documents such as ID, bank, and social security cards.

Moreover, Indiana marriage records are very important for the government, religious institutions, and health departments.

A government can build and maintain statistics and genealogy with a track of marriage records in Indiana.

This article will cover all aspects of how to find marriage records online in Indiana and what are the ways to run a free marriage records search.

Types of Indiana marriage records

Indiana marriage records serve as an official document with all the marriage ceremony details that legally certifies the marriage.

It is common throughout the USA that the following information is mentioned on the marriage records in Indiana:

* Names of the Spouses

* Birth Dates of the Spouses

* Addresses (Residence)

* Occupation of the Spouses

Parent`s Full Names

* Witnesses' Names

* Name of Officiating Minister of Registrar

* Religious Denomination of the Spouses

Place and Date of the Ceremony

However, it is important to emphasize that marriage records in Indiana can be divided into marriage licenses and marriage certificates.

A marriage license legally authorizes a couple to get married, proving that there are no legal, religious, or other impediments to the marriage.

Therefore, it is evident that a marriage license is obtained before the marriage takes place and is only valid for 60 days after being issued.

On the contrary, the marriage certificate is obtained after the marriage. It contains information about the ceremony and the parties involved.

In most cases, when required to submit official Indiana marriage records, you would need to provide a marriage certificate.

Who is Eligible to Run an Indiana Marriage Records Online?

It is known that Indiana marriage records are public. In most cases, only the parties mentioned on the Indiana marriage records are interested in running an Indiana marriage record.

However, third parties are also allowed to run an Indiana marriage search unless it was not stated otherwise by the court.

The only requirement is that parties who want to access archives of the marriage records in Indiana online must be older than 18.

It is worth noting that it is possible to find Indiana marriage records online and request to run Indiana marriage records search in person.

As a rule, the person interested in running an Indiana marriage records search must pay a small fee to obtain Indiana marriage records.

How to Find Marriage Records Online in Indiana?

Having identified you are eligible to run an Indiana marriage records search, you can answer the question "how to find marriage records online in Indiana."

It is crucial to note that Indiana marriage records search can be performed in-person (a couple appears together at the County clerk`s office) and online.

For the in-person Indiana marriage records search, all you need to provide is a written request to perform the search, your ID photo, and the fee, which ranges from $2 to $20.

If the couple performs an Indiana marriage records search, they also must sign the papers confirming they have been tested for HIV and are aware of the sexually transmitted diseases.

Please note that people convicted of a sex or violent offense will not receive a marriage license unless they submit an affidavit.

There are multiple possibilities for how to find marriage records online in Indiana.

It is recommended to use government websites and private independent search platforms to run a free marriage records search.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website | (

CDC is one of the best websites to run a free marriage records search, as it provides all the necessary information about Indiana marriage records search.

In particular, you can find the contact information about the vital offices, the number of fees you need to pay and, most importantly, the links to the vital official offices. Such as the one below.

Indiana Department of Health Division of Vital Records | (

The website offers the possibility to run an Indiana marriage records search by ordering a certified copy of marriage records.

Make sure to file the written request to find the Indiana marriage records online. Unfortunately, the website does not allow a free marriage records search, but the fees you need to pay are moderate.

Independent Platform | (

Having used an official government platform to find Indiana marriage records online, you can back up your search with the background information on the spouses:

Employment and Education History

Contact Information

* Civil and Criminal Court Records (if applicable)

If you have more questions about finding marriage records online in Indiana, contact the vital records office via phone or email.

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