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Illinois Mugshot Search

Illinois Mugshot Search
July 7, 2022

If you intend to obtain the mugshot of anyone in Illinois, there are a couple of options you can take up.

You may visit the law enforcement agencies in the places where the subject of your inquest must have had a run-in with law enforcement authorities.

Alternatively, you may remotely explore the various channels made available by access to public records and find your person of interest through searches. 


Whichever route you take in your quest, you'll still be served well by the free access to public records made possible by the Illinois Freedom of Information law.


And in this article, we'll discuss the various ways you can employ to locate the mugshot of the person you have in mind. 


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Illinois Criminal Records and how to Access Them


Criminal records in Illinois are documents with valid information about criminal activity in relation to the crime committed and the person accused of committing the crime. 


The information found in these official records is usually derived from the interaction of law enforcement agencies with an accused person over a series of interrogations, investigations, and convictions. This information includes the following:


* The subject's full name and any aliases

* Their birthdate, age, race/ethnicity

* Mugshots and fingerprints 

* Height, weight, scars, tattoos, and other identifying physical characteristics 

* Past and current/pending indictments


How To Access Criminal Records In Illinois


You can access Illinois criminal records by making in-person or mail/email-delivered requests to the Bureau Of Identification.


These files are kept in offline and online record capacities. And if you wish to take up an online criminal record search on the Criminal History Information Response Process (CHIRP) page. You'll be made to pay a small fee.


However, you may get a fee waiver on the condition that you do not use the information contained in it for commercial purposes. 


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Arrest Records In Illinois


Arrest records are official documents detailing a person's apprehension by a law enforcement officer.


These records are created in response to an arrest that is made in Illinois, and they contain information about the arrestee.


The information on these records includes the arrested person's personal information such as name, age, gender, etc. 


How To Find Iliinois Arrest Records 


You can schedule a visit to the local law enforcement agencies in the county where the arrest was made and request access to information about anyone on their books.


They may ask you to provide probable cause for requesting access to the record in question, and you can oblige then if it is possible to do so.


The Illinois Department of Police can also help you locate a previously arrested person, and you'll have to get by the Illinois Bureau of Investigation to get this done.


You may be unable to make a free copy of these records, but you can get a certified copy for a token. 


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Illinois Inmate Records Explained


Illinois inmate records are official documents that provide information about people held in the custody of the state government across municipal and county jails, state prisons, and other detention facilities.


They are created by the authorities in the places where the prisoner is held in custody.


And then, they are maintained by the detention centers that the prisoner was directed to following a conviction. The information included in a typical inmate record is as follows:  


* The inmate's full name and any known aliases

* Their personal information such as birth date, gender, and any notable physical features 

* The nature and details of the offense committed by the inmate

* Incarceration date and potential release date

* The address of the prison, correction centers, or any detention facility where the subject is held


How to Search for an Inmate in the Illinois Prison System


You'll find the Inmate Search Portal of the Illinois Department of Correction (IDCO) to be of immense value in your quest to find an inmate in Illinois.


However, you must provide at least two of the details listed below or only the first one on the list. 


* IDCO number

* The Inmates' last name

* Date of birth 


When you feed the search box at the portal with the right information, such as those listed above, you'll be directed to the profile of your subject.


And when you click on it, the mugshot of the inmate is among the list of things that you can expect to find.


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Searching Third-party Websites


Because of their ease of use and their strong collection of public records, third-party websites unarguably provide the best means to locate the mugshots of anyone in Illinois.


Whenever you need to explore this possibility, they are only a click away on your mobile, and possibly a minor registration charge away too. 


Guide to Finding Mugshot From Third-party Websites


When you log into a third-party website such as, your view will open to a window with text fields for inputting the name and state of your subject.


Once you click the search box typing in the required entries, the search will kick off, lasting a few seconds. 


In some cases, you may have to give out supplementary information about the subject to trim the search.


As soon as the search is completed, you'll most likely arrive at your subject. And then you can choose to have the results mailed to you or immediately downloaded.

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