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Warrant Records Idaho: How to Find Idaho Warrant Records

Warrant Records Idaho: How to Find Idaho Warrant Records
September 1, 2022

People have warrants issued against them for plenty of reasons in Idaho, with nearly all of them bordering on the violation of state law. While some people have roles in criminal activity—felonies, misdemeanors, and other small offenses, others partake in actions that fall within the scope of contempt of court. 


Whichever is the case, these warrants are executed by law enforcement officers whenever they are obtained from a judge or magistrate upon their acknowledgment of verifiable proof of probable cause.


The interesting thing is that these warrants may be issued without the knowledge of those persons against whom the warrants are issued. 


So the police can stop by your house to take you into custody or search your property and you'd be at no liberty to resist them, with the warrant providing the officers with the legal backing. 


What you can do is find out if you have any outstanding warrants against you, so you can make plans to recall them and clear yourself. This article suggests a series of means you can employ to search for warrants in Idaho. 


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What Is A Warrant In Idaho?

A warrant is a document that provides law enforcement officers with the authority to execute an enforcement action(arrest, search, seizure, etc). 


These actions can be carried out spontaneously, that is, without notice. In Idaho, judges and magistrates are given the exclusive powers to issue warrants to be executed by law enforcement officers.

However, these warrants must be issued on the premise that the officers have provided the judge or magistrate with probable cause— the burden of proof. 


It serves to show that the subject of the warrant is planning to, or has already committed a crime or an infraction will need to be taken into custody or brought before a judge.


The most common warrant types given out in Idaho include arrest warrants, search and seizure warrants, child support warrants, and bench warrants. Below is a suggestion of the most likely places to find warrants in Idaho

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At Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies put out warrants for arrests of persons on their wanted list or others who are scheduled for a court hearing. 


The DEA, FBI, and the US Marshall are some of such agencies, and you can find a publication of persons with warrants issued against them displayed on their websites.


If the database is not immediately displayed, it may be accessible via a search portal showing results from name-based or number-based search requests. This service is also available at the Office of the Sheriff in most of the counties around Idaho. 

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Via A Criminal Background Check

A successful criminal background check should provide you with certain information related to the criminal history of the subject of interest (the search subject). You should be able to extract information from the subject's biodata, their case and court records/reports, arrest and criminal records, among others.


Also included are warrants for their arrests, search, or other action. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation, through the Idaho State Police, offers interested persons the avenue to run criminal background checks, for a fee. 


The check can be processed after providing your fingerprint or name as specified in the Criminal Background Check Form to be filled by you.


This is done alongside the payment of the appropriate fees, usually $20 plus other smaller fees to be delivered to the BCI. The whole package can be sent in person or by mail to the Idaho Bureau of Criminal Investigation
700, South Stratford Drive
Suite 120, Meridian, ID 83642.


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At The Courthouses

From the state's superior court to courthouses at the county level, the judiciary provides the easiest route to finding warrants in Idaho. 


If you get wind of an impending warrant being issued against you, you can visit the court responsible for issuing the warrant and request a copy of the warrant. Alternatively, you can hire a defense attorney to help you find the warrant in question.


If the name or location you provide for a search matches those on the warrant, you may be allowed to copy the warrant or begin proceedings to recall the warrant. 


Most often, the clerk of the court can be approached for this purpose, as they are the chief custodian of case records filed at the courts. You may be charged a processing fee and be asked to provide a valid means of identification, but you should get access to the warrant in no time. 

Third-Party Websites

Third-party websites also provide a direct route for anyone willing to run background checks on themselves or someone else for the purpose of finding any warrants. Unlike most government agencies, most third-party websites can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


They mostly require that you provide the subject's name and the state, county, or city where the warrant was issued. For a more direct search, you may feed the system with additional information as required, such as the subject's birth date, names of relatives,  and other personal information.

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