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Arkansas Unclaimed Money: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Arkansas

Arkansas Unclaimed Money: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Arkansas
October 11, 2022

Any property whose rightful owner hasn't claimed during a specific period is considered abandoned or unclaimed. The United States has over $49 billion in unclaimed money across all states. 


Of this figure, the state of Arkansas holds over $280 million in unclaimed money. 

In Arkansas, businesses and government agencies are mandated by law to assess their records each year to identify any unclaimed money and file a report to the Arkansas State Auditor's Unclaimed Property Division. 


The reports help in returning Arkansas unclaimed money to its owners. In Arkansas, the dormancy period-time that passes before the funds are returned to the government for safekeeping- is typically between one to three years. 

According to the Arkansas Unclaimed Property Act, the auditor of the state holds these funds in trust on behalf of their owners and manages the administration. 


Once an owner submits a genuine claim, the state is required to distribute the money and hand over assets to them. 

While the state does not investigate the owners of unclaimed funds, they make things easier for such owners by advertising the names of the funds or assets in local newspapers. 

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How to Find Arkansas Unclaimed Property

If you want to find Arkansas unclaimed property that is registered to you or your family members, you can do so with public records websites. You can use to find Arkansas unclaimed money, and claim it back. 


You can also use the following resources to find unclaimed money Arkansas funds that belong to you:

Types of Unclaimed Money in Arkansas and Their Dormancy Periods

Different items have different dormancy periods before being handed over to the state. Below is a list of the kinds of unclaimed money and their dormancy periods in Arkansas:

* Credit balance: three years
* Wages and commissions: one year
* Traveler's checks: fifteen years
* Money orders: seven years
* Contents of safe deposit boxes: five years
* Stocks, bonds, and other equities: seven years
* Pension checks, retirement accounts, and plans: three years
* Life/endowments: three years
* Class action proceeds: one year
* Insurance/annuity: three years
* Debt security: five years
* Time deposit, demand, or savings: five years

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How to Find Unclaimed Money Arkansas Funds

Most people lose track of their money for various reasons, such as forgetting to claim their last paycheck or failing to update their latest address. 


However, regardless of whatever reason, you can still reclaim unclaimed money in Arkansas by following any of the techniques below:

Finding Unclaimed Money in Arkansas Through the Unclaimed Property Division of the Arkansas State Auditor's Office 

The auditor of the state is tasked with maintaining and overseeing the distribution of unclaimed money in Alabama. To recover your funds, simply visit the Arkansas Unclaimed Money website. 


The site is the official website of the state's unclaimed property division. In addition, the state recently updated its system to eliminate paperwork, shortening the time people usually spend waiting for a check. 

To find your funds, navigate to the site and click the search icon under claiming property section. Complete the necessary field with your personal details, such as full name, contact address, and phone number, then click on search. 

After that, hit the claim button next to the property and wait until the site provides you with a list of every possible match. 


Tap on the "view claimed properties" section, and pick the claimant's status in the drop-down menu. 


After that, click the "File Claim" button on the top right corner, and provide additional documentation to prove your claim. Then hit "Next."

You will be required to provide details such as a valid ID, like your driver's license. 


If you are claiming on behalf of a deceased person, you will be required to provide their death certificate and other necessary documents.


Once you have provided every needed information, the next step is to wait for further instructions. 

It is also important to note that the state reserves the right to either approve or reject your application. 


You can, however, appeal a rejection. When your request is approved, you will receive a check or details on how to proceed in acquiring your money. 

You can reach out to the Arkansas unclaimed money division at:

Unclaimed Property Division
1401 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 325
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-682-6000
Fax: 501-683-4285
To file a claim, send your mail to [email protected]

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Finding Unclaimed Money in Arkansas Through the US Bankruptcy Court Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas

The United States Bankruptcy Court holds unclaimed funds on behalf of owners or recipients entitled to the funds but who have failed to claim ownership. 


Most unclaimed funds arise from dividends (assets) distributed to creditors in line with settlements from bankruptcy cases, but the property goes unclaimed. 

Residents of Arkansas can apply to recover unclaimed funds through the Court's Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas. 


You will be required to fill out details, including the amount, full name, mailing address, and other supporting documentation. 


You will be required to send a copy of your claim to the United States Attorney, in line with Section 28 USC § 2042, to the following address:

Office of the United States Attorney,
Eastern District of Arkansas,
PO Box 1229,
Little Rock, AR 72203.
Office of the United States Attorney,
Western District of Arkansas 
414 Parker Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72901.

The waiting period is usually two to three weeks, though it could take longer when the application lacks the necessary documents. 


Unclaimed money usually includes bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, utility deposits, and insurance monies. 


Residents of Arkansas can employ any of the techniques mentioned while looking for their Arkansas unclaimed property.   

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