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Idaho Mugshot Search

Idaho Mugshot Search
Michelle S. July 27, 2022

A large majority of people who undertake a mugshot search do so to vouch for the personality of their new employees, tenants, or partners in any endeavor.

These mugshots are law-enforcement obtained profile pictures of people who have been arrested on suspicion of their involvement in an activity that's against the law.

They will often feature in police reports as well as arrest/criminal records, many of which end up in the public domain.

In this article, we discuss the places where you can find the mugshots of people in Idaho

Exploring Third-party Websites

Third-party websites are those search platforms (without any affiliation with state institutions and agencies) that have an immense volume of public records in their possession.

These public records include criminal/arrest records, divorce/marriage, and other public records that they've sourced from government agencies and databases. 

How Do I Obtain A Mugshot From A Third-party Website

You may start by checking out those third-party websites that are dedicated to providing mugshot search services.

Some of these platforms operate a search portal that contains information on all the inmates held in facilities around a particular state.

And in some cases, they may provide an alternative lookup portal for persons with an arrest or criminal history.

Most of these websites usually request that you type in the names and last known state of the search subject.

And when any of the results turn out to match the subject's search terms, you may download the record immediately or have it delivered as a mail.

You should find mugshots of your subject if they've ever been arrested and profiled by a law enforcement officer. 

By Searching for Criminal Records

Idaho Criminal records are those documents that detail a person's involvement in a crime or their criminal history in the state.

The information in these records is acquired from and equally managed by law enforcement agencies at the local, county, and state levels, courts, and correctional institutions.

And at the state level, the records are kept in the custody of the Idaho Police Bureau of Criminal Identification. Information contained in this record includes the following as it directly relates to the offender. 

A mugshot/photograph and other identifying material 

Current and past residential address

Details of the offense that led to their arrest

Personal information of subject

Any pending and acquitted charges

How to Obtain Criminal Records in Idaho


You can obtain the criminal records of any person by making a formal request at the Idaho Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Name-based and fingerprint-based criminal record searches are processed by the bureau according to your preference.

You'll be required to make a $20 service fee for each subject. And if you can't afford this amount, you may check for the possibility of a fee waiver at the bureau.  

Try Exploring Arrest Records In Idaho 

Idaho arrest records are the chief source of data related to the arrest and subsequent detention of persons suspected to have committed a crime in the state.

The information contained in these records is assembled and compiled by law enforcement officers in the places where the arrests were carried out.

This information may include the following details listed below.

* The arrested person's name and any known aliases

Their Age, date of birth, race/ethnicity, sex 

Any unique identifier such as tattoos, scars, etc. 

Height, weight, complexion, and other physical description features

Description and classification of the offense 

How Do I Access Arrest Records In Idaho

To obtain the arrest records of your subject in Idaho, you may start by visiting the local sheriff or the police department that carried out the arrest.

The police mostly have a database of persons whose arrest and prosecution they are responsible for.

They should normally request a small search fee, and you can have the records shown to you for an immediate copy.

The sensitivity of the case may prevent you from accessing certain records. One such case is the arrest of an underaged person.

Running Through Inmate Records in Idaho

Idaho inmate records are official files that document information pertaining to a person's current and, at times, past inmate status.

The Idaho department of corrections is responsible for maintaining these records and updating them as newly convicted people are taken to the prisons and other detention facilities in Idaho.

The information in these records includes the subject's(inmate) personal information such as their birthdate, names, aliases, photograph, and date of incarceration/expected release, among others. 

How Do I Get Inmate Records In Idaho?

If you wish to obtain the inmate record of anyone in Idaho, you can start by visiting the sheriff's office in the county where the person was arrested, prosecuted, or presently held in custody.

They most often have a database containing the status report of everyone that has ever passed through their books.

Other than that, you can check out the inmate lookup platform managed by the Idaho Department of Corrections. This department runs a free search portal that will bring out the status and profile of an inmate when the search is made using their name or IDOC number.

In most cases, inputting the first three letters of their names or the first three digits in their IDOC number should be enough. 

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