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How to locate an email address contact information

How to locate an email address contact information
April 13, 2022

How to Locate an Email Address Contact Information Online 

Ever been in a position where you need to send an official address to someone without having prior knowledge of their appropriate email address? If your answer is yes, this article intends to show you some feasible ways to get yourself out of this pickle so you can quickly get on with your business.

Use an email lookup service

This is perhaps the most straightforward approach to locating the email address of anyone. Using an email lookup service like "Hunter" or "Find that Email", input a well-tweaked name into the provided text field and click on the search button.

If the provided result is incorrect, you can always make another go at it after changing the search keywords. But if your results fire blanks at the umpteenth time of asking, it could be your cue to drop the chase or to upgrade your email lookup service to a more premium version, for a charge, of course.

Check the prospect's website

If the email address owner in question has a website, then it is very much likely that they have their email address very much within sight. Most websites have an about page or a contact directory where you'll probably find their contact details, such as phone numbers, fax address, social media handles, or email address.

Engage the prospects newsletter

If perhaps you have been the recipient of a newsletter from the person or company in question, then you are in luck. You can respond to this newsletter by making any contribution, or by asking a good question and politely expressing your hope for feedback.

If you're lucky, you might get a reply from the prospective email address, and then you can rest easy. You can even step up a notch higher by subscribing to the newsletter, paving the way for a welcome email to be sent to you in return. As soon as the message drops in your inbox, you can probe further for the sender's address, and the job is pretty much done.

Use Social media

Almost everyone else has at least a social media handle that they use, and you can leverage these platforms to find the information you're looking for. You can get your prospect's contact information from the about page of their social media profiles, as with Facebook and Linkedin.

It is pretty straightforward with Facebook, search the prospect out and click on the most closely related profile. Then click on their about page, and you might find an email address in the contact header. With Linkedin, you will have to connect with the prospect and be added to their contact list to see details of their personal information. As soon as this is done, you can then access their contact info and get their email address if available.

Twitter is a much less straightforward affair as the personal bio section of most users is not extensive enough to make provision for an email address. If a simple search and profile inquest does not do the trick, you can stretch your luck using an advanced option. You can search for their previous tweets and stumble on an email address, or you can use any of their associated hashtags.

Take an Educated Guess

This option could pass as anything from a long shot to an educated guess, depending on the outcome and frequency of trial. It follows the logic that most email addresses are created using similar patterns.

The regular trend is to have the names just ahead of the domain name, and this can be enough for some people. You can try this option if you know the first name, surname, and domain of the prospect in question, and just maybe, you hit the bullseye.

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