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Hawaii Mugshot Search

Hawaii Mugshot Search
Michelle S. July 27, 2022

Mugshots are pictures of people who have been apprehended and profiled by law enforcement officers. They usually feature in police reports and will most often make their way to arrest/criminal records, where they become part of the ever-growing public record collection in the state. These public records are primarily compiled and maintained by government agencies. 

And as the Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA) allows free access to public records in Hawaii, you can get hold of them without experiencing too much difficulty.

But if you still do not know how to get started in your quest to find a Mugshot in Hawaii, this article is for you. Here, we discuss the options you can try to find the mugshot of anyone in Hawaii.

What are Hawaii Criminal Records?

In Hawaii, criminal records are created on behalf of a person who has been convicted of a criminal offense in line with the Hawaii penal code.

They are official documents produced when law enforcement officers or the criminal justice department have found a person guilty of a crime after the profiling, interrogation, and investigation are completed. Some of the information contained in this record can be found below. 

Full name and any known aliases of the offender 

Age, birthdate, sex, race/gender, physical descriptions


Offender's name and known aliases

Physical descriptions and any unique identifier like tattoos, scars, body markings

How Do I Obtain Criminal Records in Hawaii?

You can direct your requests for access to criminal records in Hawaii to any of the local government agencies in the state. 

One such example is the Hawaii Department of Police (HDP), with its archive of criminal records available to anyone who cares to check.

Then there's the Online Criminal Background Check System, where you can conduct a criminal record search on any person in the state. And if you go down to the county level, the sheriff's office can search all around its database for any criminal records in their possession. 

What are Arrest Records in Hawaii?

Hawaii arrest records are official documents with information on the arrest of persons and the result of the investigation that follows suit. They are usually compiled by law enforcement agents who carry out the arrests and, as such, are directly responsible for most of the information contained in the records.

In these records, you can find information such as the arrested person's name, physical description, photograph, fingerprint, date of arrest, and reason for arrest, among other things. 

How Do I Obtain Hawaii Arrest Records

To obtain Hawaii arrest records, you can check out the central depository of publicly available arrest records at the offices of the Hawaii Department of Police.

Alternatively, you can take on an arrest search at the county sheriff's office, where you may be required to pay for certification or standard copies. For non-recent arrests, you can also perform a criminal history search at the Hawaii Criminal Justice Center.

And if you want search results that are up to date, you may check out the local police department that is known to have carried out the arrest of your subject of interest. 

What are Hawaii Inmate Records?

Inmate records in Hawaii are official documents containing information related to persons in prisons, detention centers, and other correctional facilities in Hawaii. These records detail a person's criminal history, prosecution, sentencing, and subsequent incarceration. They usually contain information such as the following:

The inmate's name, gender, age, and other personal information

Their mugshot/photograph and fingerprints

Weight, height, and physical identifiers such as body tattoos, scars, marking, etc. 

Date of incarceration and expected release

How Do I Obtain Inmate Records In Hawaii

You may not find inmate records on the official website of Hawaii's Department of Public Safety (DPS). Your next best option is to conduct an inmate search at the DPS's Correction Department or the particular county where the inmate is currently detained.

Another option to explore is to carry out an inmate lookup via the Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) website.

Third-party Websites

Third-party websites offer a direct route to help you find the mugshot of any person in Hawaii or anywhere else. They search extensively for public records and possess a vast collection of these records. And because they run as independent platforms, they will most often request a small fee to furnish you with a copy of your requested record.

How Do I Get A Mugshot From Third-party Websites

While there are tons of search websites to choose from, with most of them working in a similar fashion, you can try out and perform a quick lookup at the website.

There, you'll see text fields provided for name and state entries as they relate to your subject. Immediately you fill these entries and click on the search box, and the system will automatically search its records for results that match your search terms.

You may be prompted to provide extra information to make your search more specific. And when you come across the right profile, you may opt to download the record or have it delivered to your mail in no time.    

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