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North Carolina Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in North Carolina

North Carolina Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in North Carolina
September 18, 2022

North Carolina arrest records are documents containing details about a person’s arrest history. 


They are conventionally kept in people’s North Carolina criminal records and are a vital part of their criminal history information. 

Public records in North Carolina were first generated in 1850 and include details obtained from the 100 counties in the state. 


According to North Carolina statute 15A-304, arrest records in North Carolina are deemed public information and accessible to residents of the state. 

However, there are restrictions on persons that can access certain kinds of information included in an arrest record. 


For instance, an individual’s date of birth, home address, or social security number cannot be disclosed in an arrest report without their consent. 

Generally, juvenile North Carolina arrest records are not accessible to members of the public; however, where accessible, the minor or juvenile’s name and other identifying details are restricted in a North Carolina arrest record. 


A North Carolina arrest record details include the subject’s name, offense, date, place of arrest, mugshot, and physical description.

handcuffs lying on an illustration of the North Carolina flag

The Difference Between a North Carolina Arrest Record and a Criminal Record

An arrest record and a criminal record are often confused to mean the same thing; however, this is not the case. 


An arrest record is an official document stipulating an individual’s arrest and all the circumstances surrounding it. 

On the other hand, a criminal record is a more comprehensive document, including a conviction history. 


In most instances, arrest records typically come up during a background check, even when the arrestee was not convicted of a crime. 

Therefore, a North Carolina arrest record is not conclusive proof of a person’s conviction for an offense or crime. 


However, a criminal record is a more robust indicator of the subject’s conviction and likely disposition to commit a crime in the future. 

a hand holding a magnifying glass over a paper with fingerprints on it

How to Find North Carolina Arrest Records:

When searching for an individual’s arrest records in North Carolina, there are specific vital points to bear in mind. The first is that not every arrest record is public. 


If an individual was apprehended but never charged with an offense, their arrest record might not be accessible to members of the public.

Secondly, even though an arrest record is public, it may not include all the details requested. 


Sometimes, it might only contain charges against the subject and the case's outcome. 

With that being said, here are techniques used in finding arrest records in North Carolina:

Finding Arrest Records Through the North Carolina Department of Public Safety

If you are looking for North Carolina arrest records, the best place to start is by visiting the North Carolina Department of Public Safety’s page. 


This agency is tasked with maintaining arrest records and other important documentation. You can apply for an arrest record by filling out the Criminal Record Request Form, also called Form AOC-CR-314. 

The form can be submitted to the clerk of any superior court of record in the jurisdiction or county where the crime or arrest occurred. 

handcuffs on a piece of paper with fingerprints


You will be required to pay $25, and you can make your submission in person or via mail.

When looking for an offender’s records using the North Carolina Department of Public Safety site, you will be required to provide the subject's or arrestee's personal information. 


Search queries obtainable from the site include the subject’s gender, race, age range, ID, ethnic group, date of birth, etc. 


You can also confirm the offender’s present status, whether they are on probation, active inmates, or released on bail. 
You can direct further inquiries to:

North Carolina Department of Public Safety,
P.O. Box 29500,
Raleigh, NC 27626-0500
Tel: (919) 733-2126
Fax: (919) 715-0058
Email: [email protected]

Finding Arrest Records Online in North Carolina

Interested parties can also browse through the website of the local law enforcement agency where the arrest was made. 


Many local counties keep websites that allow members of the public to access public records, including arrest records. 

a magnifying glass on a laptop keyboard


Some counties offer their records for free on their site but may require you to pay in if you want it sent to your mail. 


Where the county does not provide records online, applicants can visit or phone their office to obtain them. 

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) also permits members of the public to obtain North Carolina arrest records from third-party platforms or vendors. 


These vendors are at the discretion to determine their procedures and pay a fee per search. Some of them include:

* Bratcher Adams Folk, PLLC
* Carolina Information, Inc.
* Coward, Hicks & Siler, P.A.
* D.R. Wells Law, PLLC
* John Miller Law Firm, PLLC
* Midax Solutions LLC
* Mind Y our Business, Inc

Finding Arrest Records Via the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI)

The SBI is the central repository of criminal records, including arrest records in North Carolina. 


They provide a fingerprint-based background check service called “Right to Review” for $14. 


You will be required to fill out a form including your full name, sex, gender, race, etc., alongside the details of the arrestee, such as the booking number and full name. 


Payment can only be made using a check or money order, and results are sent to the email provided.

a man's handcuffed hands behind his back



Finding arrest records in the U.S state of North Carolina is a seamless process. 


Arrest records are considered public documents and are accessible to residents of the state. 


So, are you searching for an arrest record? The techniques discussed above are valuable guides. 

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