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Connecticut Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Connecticut

Connecticut Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Connecticut
September 14, 2022

An arrest record is generated in Connecticut after an individual has been arrested, following a direct violation of the Connecticut General Statutes. 


A law enforcement officer usually makes an arrest, and such an officer is responsible for documenting an arrest record. 


These records hold essential information on the arrestee, such as the alleged offense and other personal information.
In cases involving trials, arrest records are crucial to criminal justice. 


The arrest record serves as the basis for a criminal record, even if there is no criminal charge or conviction due to the arrest. 


Unless the records are sealed or expunged, they are still available to the public, and here is how to find Connecticut arrest records. 

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Are Connecticut Arrest Records Public Record?

The Public Records Law in Connecticut stipulates that every public member should access any public records in the state. Connecticut categorizes arrest records as public records since they form part of an arrestee's criminal record. 


These records are managed by the State's Public Police Bureau of Identification, and the public can request access to their information. 


The point of request for arrest records in the State of California includes the court, local sheriff's office, or the police department. 

Who Has Access to Your Arrest Record?

The Public Records Act allows anybody interested in the information about arrest records to access it. 


Public access to arrest records is even more important to allow some designated individuals and organizations to legally access a personal criminal history according to US Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 


Some typical individuals and organizations that use arrest records per the FCRA include employers, landlords, insurance companies, etc.

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How Can I Find Arrest Records in Connecticut?

The State Police Bureau of Identification is the contact place for obtaining arrest records in Connecticut. You can conduct manual searches to find the necessary information from the law enforcement agency's database. 

To start the search, you must use the State of Connecticut Criminal History Record Request Form. After selecting the arrest record as the information you are looking for, complete the remaining fields on the form with the necessary data. 


You can also conduct a fingerprint search; for this kind of search, you need to obtain a fingerprint card with the record holder's fingerprint for only $15 from the Connecticut State Police office.

The $15 can be paid through a check or money order addressed to the state treasurer of Connecticut. If you are planning to request multiple records, writing a single check for all the requests is always recommended.

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Do Connecticut Arrest Records Stay on File Forever?

There is no set amount of time that Connecticut's laws require that arrest records be kept on file. Instead, the kind of offense and relevant expungement regulations often determine how long a Connecticut arrest record is kept on file. 


If an arrested person requests to expunge their record, the arrest record will be removed from official records if approved by the court of law.

Can I Correct Errors on My Arrest Record?

Due to the nature of arrest records and how they can affect an individual's reputation, it is necessary to correct every piece of information on the arrest record. 


If you observe that you have incorrect information in your record, the state of Connecticut allows you to challenge the accuracy of such records. 


For instance, if your date of birth or any other personal details of the record is incorrect, you can submit a written notice to the Connecticut State Police Bureau of Investigation.

The power to correct mistakes in an arrest record is drawn from Section 54-142l of the Connecticut General Statutes. 


To start the process, you need to attach a sworn statement to the written notice stating that the correction is done in good faith and only accurate information is provided. 

The Bureau of Investigation will audit the record after receiving the notice contesting it. 


The department will send the audit's findings to whosoever is contesting the record within the standard 60-day time frame. The outcome of the challenge will be documented in the audit report.  

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How to Expunge Arrest Records in Connecticut:

The Connecticut General Statutes allows individuals to expunge their arrest records and, by extension, their criminal records. 


This expungement, known as an "absolute pardon" in Connecticut, erases a person's entire criminal history record, including all court and police files associated with the case. 


In addition, any of the following requirements must be met by the affected person to qualify for expungement:

* The charge has been dropped
* The arrestee was accused of a crime but cleared
* At least 13 days have passed after the prosecution withdrew the case
* The accused must have received an absolute pardon


Connecticut is a free state that respects the right of individuals to access arrest records. 


These records can be obtained through the State Police Bureau of Identification, which manages the state's arrest and criminal records. 


Connecticut does not have a defined period of removing arrest records from the public domain and can only be removed after the court has expunged them. 

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