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Connecticut Death Records: How to Perform a Connecticut: Death Records Search

Connecticut Death Records: How to Perform a Connecticut: Death Records Search
December 11, 2022

Connecticut death records are an important part of the state's "Vital Statistics" and public record database. 


They are usually documented to serve as a point of future reference, either by persons with a tangible interest in the document or by government sources.


If you need to find a person's death record in the state, there are certain things that you must do. 


You'll be required to possess certain information and pay a standard processing fee. 


But first, you'd have to direct your search effort to the right place and the proper channels. 


This article discusses these channels and defines the process that is involved in the collection of death records filed in Connecticut. 

Connecticut Death Records Explained

Whenever the death of a person is recorded in Connecticut, efforts are immediately made to identify the deceased person and register the death. 


The entire process of registration of the death event culminates in the creation of a death record bearing the person's name. 

a cabinet full of files


These death records are compiled and filed by a combination of persons in the state up to the point of registration with the state's Vital Records office.


This government agency certifies the document to be used for official purposes in addition to its informational purpose. 


The death records later become public records available for collection by persons who can provide the decedent's personal information. 

What Can I Find In An Connecticut Death Records

Death records bear the deceased person's personal information and other information related to their death. This series of information are outlined as follows:


* Full name of the deceased person
* The decedent’s date and place of birth
* Their place and date of death
* Their Social Security Number (SSN)
* The name of their parents, siblings, spouse, children, or direct relative
* Their marital status at the time of death
* Cause of death and Physician’s certification


In addition, certain parts of a death certificate may not be available to persons who are not eligible to view the death record. 


These parts are only open to people who have a direct relationship with the decedent, either as a family member or a legal representative of the deceased. 

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How Are Connecticut Death Records Created?

Connecticut death records start their journey to registration and certification from the stables of the funeral home where a corpse is first deposited. 


The decedent's personal information is recorded by the funeral director as provided by the deceased's family members.


Medical certification of the death event follows suit and is often issued by a coroner or the decedent's physician. 


Once this is done, the registration process commences at the relevant Vital Records office in the state. 


The local registrar must complete the registration within five working days from the date of death. 

Where Can I Find Connecticut Death Records 

Connecticut death records are publicly available for collection by interested persons at a number of select sources. 


These sources include the state's Vital Records office, the Connecticut State Library, and other third-party websites. 


The process of the collection is as briefly discussed below:

The Connecticut State Library

Death records registered from 1867 to 1969 can be inspected online at the Connecticut Death Records Index maintained by the Connecticut State Library. 


However, the information available via this platform is not exactly extensive. 


It could otherwise be used as a jump-off point to collect the certified copy of the sought-after death certificate documented at the state's Vital Records Office. 

a woman's hand signing forms

The State Vital Records Office

The Connecticut Vital Records Office is the official record custodian in the state. Interested persons can stop by the office or reach out via mail or telephone and lodge their request for the record in question. 


The former requires that you deliver a Request for a Certified Copy of a Death Certificate to the Vital Records office. 


The address to which your mail or visits can be directed is as follows.


CT Department of Public Health,
State Vital Records Office,
410 Capitol Avenue, First Floor,
Hartford, CT 06106

The phone number to which you can direct your death record-related inquiry is also given as (860) 509-7700

Third-Party Websites

A third-party website can provide a straightforward route to finding a person's death record in Connecticut. 


These websites simplify the process of accessing death records, reducing it to a quick query of a search portal. 


This search portal is provided on the website's homepage, showing text fields with entries for the name of the deceased person and their last known location(usually a state/county).


As soon as the requester enters this information in the specified fields and clicks "Search/Submit," a number of results will be returned. 


You can now settle for the one of interest to you and click on the header to expand it to a page of the decedent's full record profile.

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