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Warrant Search Mississippi: How to Find Mississippi Warrant Records

Warrant Search Mississippi: How to Find Mississippi Warrant Records
September 22, 2022

Warrants, whether they have been settled or are still active, can show up as part of a person's background check and change the course of their prospects for a new job or new apartment. 

Both new and old warrants can show up in a search, and in most cases, warrants will appear on a person’s record. 


In the state of Mississippi, you can perform a search both online and offline. Here is what you need to know about a Mississippi warrant search. 


What Is a Warrant In Mississippi?

Mississippi warrants allow law enforcement officials to execute certain orders without encountering any resistance or threats of litigation. 


The warrants are executed subsequent to a person or their property being suspected of being complicit in criminal activity. 


This suspicion is backed with strong evidence and presented as "probable cause" to judges and magistrates by law enforcement officials as part of their warrant request.

a metal sign that reads rap sheets


As soon as the judge or magistrate is satisfied with the urgency and necessity of their request, and the veracity of the "probable cause", they can lend their assent to the warrant. 


These warrants—from arrest warrants to search, child support, and bench warrants are later executed within the specified validity time frame. Below is a well-detailed number of suggestions on how to find warrants issued in Mississippi. 

Mississippi Warrant Search: At The Courts

People who have some level of history with law enforcement officers in Mississippi may often have it translate into history with the courts in the state as well. 


And if such persons have a warrant issued from any of the courts in the state, the warrants are typically filed and registered into the court's warrant database before being executed. 


If you have a pending case with a court in Mississippi, you may approach the clerk of the court to help you search its information registry or case record database for any warrants issued in your name.


You could also mail your search request to the court in question or check if it has an online record directory as is very often the case with all the courts covered in Mississippi's Judiciary system. 

a gavel on a book


This provision is also available via on-demand court records provided by Mississippi Electronic Courts System (MEC). 


It provides electronic records of cases heard at Mississippi's courts, records that feature information from warrants issued by the judges and magistrates across the state. 


Access to this service comes at the cost of $10 per annum alongside a $0.5 per page copy fee.  

Warrant Search Mississippi: Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) Mississippi, provides a database of wanted persons—persons against whom arrest warrants have been issued. 


The database is provided by the Mississippi Justice Information Center and is used by law enforcement agencies for technical support purposes. 


Information about persons featured in this database includes their names, pictures, date of birth, sex, and address.

a plaque that reads search warrant lying on a notebook near a pair of glasses


Through the Bureau of Investigation, a unit of the DPS, you can find warrants that result from a criminal record search. 


You'd first have to fill out an "Authorization to Disclose Background Info" and submit it to the bureau along with a $32 service charge. 


The requested copy of your record will later be delivered to you, and you can look through it for the presence of any settled and active warrants bearing your name. 


Mississippi Online Warrant Records: Third-party Websites

A Third-party website may very often provide the best channel to explore in search of a means of running background checks on anyone. 


These websites are managed by independent persons who, despite their non-affiliation with the government, have a surfeit of public records in their possession. The information in these records is used to service background check requests. 


You'd only have to sign up to any of the websites and pay a membership fee to be able to see and copy record search results.


When you enter your name and location in the provided text fields followed by clicking the search box, the system will search its database for record entries matching your information and display them in a blink. 


When you settle on the right result, you can be sure to find Mississippi online warrant records that feature in your public record history, as with a court record or any other interaction with law enforcement in Mississippi.

a man pressing a 3D illustration of a search bar

Warrant Search Mississippi: Law Enforcement Agencies

Mississippi's law enforcement agencies that are responsible for the execution of warrants statewide include the Police and the Sheriffs. 


The latter is the go-to at the county level, with most of them having a dedicated warrant unit at their office and in online directories on their official website.


One such case is the Desoto County Sheriff, with a warrant unit that can be approached in person or through an online directory on its website. 


There you can run a criminal history or warrant search against your name, birth date, and state-issued offender number. 

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