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BeenVerified Review: Features, Memberships, and More

BeenVerified Review: Features, Memberships, and More
August 28, 2022

If you need to obtain relevant information about people, a phone number, property, a vehicle, or an address, BeenVerified is your go-to website.

The open website was established in 2007 in New York City. The website's primary purpose is to make public information accessible to everyone easily.

BeenVerified aggregates information from multiple public records databases and makes them available to users in a single report.

As a result, the website has gradually become one of the most reliable background search websites, with over 100,000 active subscribers and an average of 10 million monthly visits.

How does BeenVerified Work?

BeenVerified is easy to use, and you can get your background information in a short amount of time.

The search website allows you to input the basic details of your subject like their first and last name, location, phone, or email address. Then, results are streamlined, and produce matching results based on the search details. 

The data available on BeenVerified are pulled from multiple sources, including:

* U.S census data

Government (federal, state, and local) public records

Court records

FBI and criminal records 

Business data

Banks and credit unions

Social media accounts

 BeenVerified Features

There are seven major features that BeenVerified provides to users. We will examine these key features. 

People search

The people search feature is considered the main service provided by BeenVerified. The website provides a detailed report about your search subject. You must only input the name of the person you are looking for and any other specific information like the date of birth to narrow down the search. In addition to the basic background information in the search results, other information like criminal records, tax records, and possible relatives are also included.

Reverse phone lookup

Another exciting feature of BeenVerified is the ability to carry out a reverse phone lookup to help you identify unknown numbers/callers. Additionally, the website can pull through large databases to provide all the available information about the phone number, including the social media accounts attached to the number. 

Email lookup

Like the reverse phone lookup feature that helps you identify unknown calls, BeenVerified can also help you identify spam mails and the spammer's identity. The website scans through a large repository of email addresses and returns information about the unknown sender of emails. This feature also helps you to verify if a particular mail sender is legitimate or not.

Address Lookup

Another way you can use the BeenVerified platform is by using the address lookup feature. This feature runs on the same model as the phone and email lookup service. You can get information about properties and the history of the neighborhood. It provides details about the property, such as the year it was built, its size, and the details of present and past occupants. 

Username search

Suppose you must confirm information about an acquaintance or colleague on a social network. In that case, you can make use of the BeenVerified website. The platform allows you to locate unique usernames and provide the owner's identity, either a personal or corporate page. Although this feature is slightly less sophisticated compared to other features provided by BeenVerified.

Unclaimed money

Have you overpaid utility bills in the past, or do you have an unclaimed tax refund? You can easily access your records via BeenVerified to find any unclaimed money in your name. It is easy to forget or be completely unaware of such money. BeenVerified helps you get information about unclaimed money and the agency or organization in charge of making the payment.

Vehicle lookup

An awesome feature available on the BeenVerified platform is the vehicle lookup. The website lets you have detailed information and history about a specific vehicle by typing the vehicle identification number (VIN). The 17-digit number helps you get a vehicle's history, including accident reports and ownership history. It is a great tool to use when you want to shop for a used car.

BeenVerified Membership and Pricing 

To enjoy all the amazing features listed above is not free. These very helpful features of the BeenVerified website are made available to paid users.

The website offers two different membership value plans. The first membership plan allows a monthly subscription fee of $22.86. In contrast, the other value plan allows you to make a bulk subscription of three months at $14.86 per month, saving 35%.

The two subscription plans only differ in cost and do not affect the performance or features. In addition, both subscription plans enjoy the unique and sophisticated features of BeenVerified.

Pros of using BeenVerified

Detailed and comprehensive search reports

Large database and information repository 

No hidden charges

Amazing customer service 

Do's and Don'ts of BeenVerified 

As handy as this search website is, certain guidelines protect its usage and regulate its operation. A notable regulation is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which guides how users utilize information gotten from BeenVerified. Here are some of the regulations:

BeenVerified Do's

You can check your personal public record and see what information is available about you online

You can check out information about your neighbors to be sure of the people you are living with

You can use BeenVerified to find old friends and families

BeenVerified is a valuable tool to verify online buyers and vendors

Verify your potential roommates using the BeenVerified website

BeenVerified social profile information can be used to screen potential romantic date partner

You can run a reverse phone number search to find out who is calling you

BeenVerified Don'ts

* The FCRA prohibits employers from using BeenVerified to conduct background checks on employees 

You also cannot use BeenVerified to screen household workers before employing

The information from the website cannot be used to evaluate candidates for adoption

You cannot use BeenVerified to evaluate candidates applying for educational programs

Using BeenVerified requires responsibility, and you cannot use the website to stalk people


BeenVerified is one of the top companies in providing background information. The BeenVerified app is available for sign-up on the app store and google play. They are reliable for their services and provide accurate results to users based on the information in public records. The company stands competitively with similar companies in the background search industry.

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