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New York Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in New York

New York Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in New York
July 18, 2022

In New York, arrest records of offenders provide such information as the subject’s name, details of their arrest, and arrest charges.


They also contain a mugshot of the offender. New York arrest records are generally easy to access, but it must be noted that arrest records in New York are only declared public information when no charges have been pressed against the subject. 


Arrest records expunged or sealed may also be subject to privacy laws.


How To Find Arrest Records In New York


You can look up an individual’s arrest record in several ways. You may use the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services’ online search tool or visit the DCJS Records Management Unit for an in-person request.


You may also make an in-person request at a local law enforcement agency or send a letter to that effect. 

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As the state's main repository for criminal history data, the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is responsible for maintaining criminal history records.


Anyone can look up someone's arrest history using the online search tool on the DCJS website. If you know the person's last name and first name, enter those into the search fields, then click the "search" button.


The screen will display matching results if any exist. As part of the search results, the user will find the names, birthdates, races, sexes, case numbers, counties, and sentences of each person.


To submit requests by mail, you must fill out the "Subject's Consent Release" form available on DCJS' website.


Upon completion of the form, you must mail it to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, along with a $50 processing fee. Send your application to this address:


Division of Criminal Justice Services

Records Management Unit - SHU

80 South Swan Street

Albany, NY 12260-8002


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If you’d rather make your request in person, visit the Records Management Unit of the DCJS during normal business hours on weekdays.


You’ll need to go along with a duly filled out “Subject’s Consent Release” form, plus a $50 processing fee payable to the Division of Criminal Justice Services.


If the records are available, they will be delivered right there. In the event that the records are not on hand, they will be mailed out within 14 business days.


Local law enforcement departments also record all arrests made in New York. The sheriff's office in each county is in charge of keeping a record of all arrests committed within its borders.


If an individual wants a copy of an arrest record in New York, they must submit a written request to the local sheriff's office.


In your request, you must include the individual's name, birth date, and case number (if you know it). The sheriff's office will examine its files for the requested information and provide it if found.


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Searching New York Criminal Records


If your search subject has been convicted of a crime in New York, you may find their mugshot by examining their criminal record.


A person's criminal history in New York is documented in official documents called criminal records.


These documents often contain information about the subject's arrest history, charges, court rulings/convictions, and pending dispositions. New York criminal records are also available to members of the public.


How You Can Find New York Criminal Records


Members of the public can conduct a criminal history record search (CHRS) through the New York State OCA. Online applicants can submit their applications through the Direct Access website.


A single search attracts a fee of $95. Results of the search are typically delivered by email the following business day.


To perform your search in person or by mail, you’ll need to fill out a CHRS application form with your details as well as the full name and birthdate of your search subject. 


Submit your application (along with the $95 application fee) to the following address in person or by mail:


Criminal History Record Search

NYS Office of Court Administration

Office of Administrative Services

Criminal History Record Search

25 Beaver Street

New York, NY, 1004


a woman's hands typing on a laptop


You can expect to receive the results of both in-person and mail-in criminal records request on the following business day.


Accessing New York Inmate Records


Mugshots can also turn up sometimes in inmate records. If you suspect that your subject has, at one time or another, become acquainted with New York’s prison system, going through the state’s inmate records can bring up interesting results.


How You Can Get New York Inmate Records


The state’s Department of Corrections typically maintains inmate records in most states, and New York is no different.


New York’s DOC also maintains a database of inmate records in the state that members of the public can easily access. 


To access this database, log on to the New York DOC website, locate the inmate records tab, supply the required information, and click the search button.

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