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Arizona Warrant Search: How to View Arizona Warrant Records

Arizona Warrant Search: How to View Arizona Warrant Records
August 22, 2022

In Arizona, you can not stand in the way of an officer looking to search your property or even make an arrest as long as they can provide a warrant to that effect.

The warrants are usually issued by a judge or a magistrate, as long as law enforcement can provide probable cause to back their request for the warrant.

So if you've once had a run-in with law enforcement officers in Arizona, you may have a warrant issued against you after investigations at the police department, even without your knowledge. 

Hence, it would be best to follow up after such incidents to know if you're in the clear or not.

You can stay a step ahead by making relevant inquiries to confirm if you have any warrants to respond to, outstanding or new.

This article suggests a couple of means you can take to find such warrants in Arizona. 

What is a Warrant in Arizona?

In Arizona, the police can obtain authorization, through the use of warrants,  to make arrests, search and/or seize a property.

They can do all these even without prior notice to the subject of the warrants and not fall in the range of the violation of a constitutional right.

These warrants are legal documents featuring parties that include the warrant issuer(the judge or magistrate), the complainant( i.e, law enforcement officers), and the defendant(the subject of the warrant). 

The subject of the warrant may be a property that is suspected of being important to a criminal investigation or a person whose arrest is being sought.

The warrants are obtained as soon as law enforcement officers can prove to a reasonable degree (to a judge or magistrate) that there is probable cause to necessitate the warrant being issued.

The probable cause will ordinarily include physical evidence or statements proving a person or their property to be complicit in a crime.

Below are a couple of the top places where you can search for warrants in Arizona:

At The Courthouses

This is the most natural place to search for warrants, due to the fact that judges and magistrates are responsible for issuing these warrants in the first place.

When there are physical records of such warrants, you can request the assistance of the court records custodian to help you in your quest.

The clerk of the court is the person to meet for such tasks, and they can help you search your case files (if you have any) for the presence of any warrants issued against you. 

If the court in question has these files in electronic format, they should be included in an online directory.

This is even as public access to court cases in 177 of 189 courts in Arizona is possible for free in Arizona through an online directory provided by the Arizona Judicial Branch. 

This means that you do not necessarily have to stop by the courthouse to find the warrant, except for courts that are not included in this online database.

The data contained in this portal is updated every Friday. You only need to provide a first name, last name, and date of birth to search this portal for any such warrants issued against you or someone else. 

The Arizona Department of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety is a government agency that can provide an avenue to carry out warrant search requests.

Through their dedicated phone line (602) 223-2233, they can entertain requests by members of the public to help them with warrant searches.

Whether the warrants are for arrests, a seizure or search of property, or a bench warrant, the DPS can help you confirm their existence. 

You'd only be required to provide your first and last name along with your date of birth over the phone line when you connect with their personnel on the other side.

Once this is done, you should receive your answer in a very short while. 

Third-Party Websites

Like many other states in the US, members of the public are allowed to freely access public records in the custody of government agencies in Arizona.

This is a provision that is leveraged by third-party platforms to gather a large haul of public records, from arrest records and criminal records to court records among others. 

The aforementioned public records are the most common places to find warrants of any kind.

Hence, you can find warrants issued against you or someone else on these third-party websites, as long as they are publicly available.

A warrant search action at these websites can be executed after you must have provided certain information. 

This information includes the name of the warrant's subject, such as the name of the person issued an arrest warrant or who's property a search warrant is issued against.

Then there is a text field intended for the location of the person or the property or in some cases, the warrant issuer.

As soon as you provide this information, you can find the warrant in question, if they are available.  

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