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Alabama Mugshots Search Guide

Alabama Mugshots Search Guide
June 22, 2022

Mugshots are the un-complimentary pictures of individuals picked up by law enforcement agencies having been adjudged to have perpetrated a crime. In Alabama, as with other places, they form part of a report by a law enforcement officer, included in arrest and criminal records, and made available to the public.


Because these records have been made to be easily accessible to members of the public, you'll not find it too difficult to access them. So if you need to get the mugshot of anyone in Alabama for whatever reason, there are many productive routes that you can take. We'll explore some of these routes over the course of this article and show you the easiest path to take. 


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Running Through Third-party Websites


Third-party websites provide what is unarguably the easiest way to find mugshots in Alabama.


They carry out a clean sweep of government-held public records and make them available to the general public for a small fee. They operate in a non-government capacity and can be engaged over mobile devices and computers.


How Do I Get A Mugshot From Third-party Websites?


On visiting these third-Party websites, such as, you will immediately see a couple of text fields for entering the name and state of your subject. And as soon as you click on the search box after filling in the fields, the search will be processed in a matter of seconds. 

You may be required to type in any extra information regarding the person to narrow the search. Once the search is completed and the result acknowledged by you to be accurate, you may download it immediately or request to have it delivered by mail, but only after you've paid the required fee.


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Alabama Arrest Records: What are they?


Law enforcement officers in Alabama draw up arrest reports after having arrested, detained, or questioned a person. These reports end up as arrest records. And in Alabama, they will be made available to members of the public as they are designated public records.


These arrest records typically contain information about the subject's offense, their name, address, their defining physical features, and fingerprints, among other things. 


How Do I Get Mugshots From Alabama Arrest Records


Your first port of call should be the local law enforcement agency or the sheriff's office that carried out the arrest.


Other channels to explore include the state courts, where you'd have to provide fees for the copying of the record, alongside the certification and authentication fees.


The court clerk will be instrumental to your quest, as they're the custodian of court files in electronic and print format.


A search through the court records should return the file containing information about the arrest of your subject, and you can find a photograph or mugshot to top it off. 


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Alabama Criminal Records: What are they?


Criminal records primarily contain information about the offense/s leading up to a person's arrest, conviction, imprisonment, acquittal, and discharge. 

Also referred to as a rap sheet, they are kept in possession of the departments of criminal justice and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA). In these records, you may find the following:


* The offender's full names

* Their offense(s)

* Their race, height, eye, and hair color, along with other physical identifiers. 

* Birthdate

* Any pending charges

* Acquitted or dismissed charges


How Do I Get A Mugshot From Alabama Criminal Records


You may start by inquiring about the availability of your subject's criminal records from the criminal record system of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEACRD) or the departments of criminal justice.


They have a database where these records can be found, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions. One of such is the receipt of a $25 administrative fee by the ALEA Criminal Records and Identification Unit.


After you've been vetted, you may be granted access to the relevant record, and you should see the subject's mugshot alongside other information. 


Alabama Inmate Records: What are they?


People held in prisons and correctional facilities in Alabama have their information officially documented in the Alabama Inmate records. Maintenance of these inmate records falls under the purview of the Alabama Department of Corrections.


The records will mostly contain details about the inmate, their crime, date of incarceration and expected release, etc. 


How Do I Get A Mugshot From Alabama Inmate Records?


The Alabama Department of Corrections(DOC) operates a search portal where you can get information about any convicted offender in their books. You may start by visiting this portal, armed with important details about the inmate, including their first or last name and their Alabama Institutional Serial (AIS) code.


Inputting this unique six-digit code in the search portal will return a matching result. It is a more direct route to take, as opposed to inputting the subject's names, where you may have several similar search results pop up.


In the record, you should see the inmate's photo, their height, weight, date of birth, offense description, among other things 

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