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Warrant Search Records Search in Connecticut: How to View Warrant Records for Connecticut

Warrant Search Records Search in Connecticut: How to View Warrant Records for Connecticut
August 31, 2022

As much as it may sound seemingly improbable to some people, it is possible to have warrants issued against you without your knowledge. 


And if you have law enforcement officers knock on your door in a bid to execute the warrant, you'd be in no place to put up a resistance. This is because the warrant places the officers in the right as regards what would ordinarily be termed a violation of your constitutional right.


So not only would you be unable to resist arrest or put up a defense, you'd be largely unable to make any claims for any damage arising from their actions. 


So if you have the slightest suspicion of a possible warrant placed against you, you'd be doing yourself a favor by checking out the possibility with the relevant authorities. This article intends to point you in the right direction should you try to find warrants in Connecticut. 

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Connecticut Warrants: What You Should Know 

A Warrant is a document that provides the legal backing with which law enforcement officers can make arrests, search and seize property, or carry out any other action in the discharge of their duties. 


These actions would, in other cases, constitute illegality or a right infringement on the part of the subject of the warrant. But because the warrant bears the signature/stamp of a judge or magistrate, the officers executing the warrant would be backed by law, in this case, Connecticut Law.


Law enforcement officers must first provide sufficient evidence(related to a crime) to a judge or magistrate to back their request for the warrant. And if the presiding judicial officer deems the evidence sufficient to become a probable cause, the warrant can be signed. 


The most common warrants issued by the courts in Connecticut include arrest warrants, search warrants, and bench warrants. 


While the latter mostly borders on Failure To Appear(FTA) warrants, other warrant types commonly encountered in Connecticut include Violation of Probation (VOP) and Order to Incarcerate (OTI) warrants. These warrants can be found in the following sources.

At The Courthouse

As is most often the case, the courts are the major signatories to these warrants. So you can expect to find copies of the warrants that come from them in the custody of the clerk of the court. 


You can approach the clerk to make your request. And if you have a history with the law, your record should be filed in print or electronic form. Using your name, case name, date of birth, or any information relevant to the case, you should be able to run a search at the court's database of records. 

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The Connecticut Judicial Branch

The office of policy and management, a division of the Connecticut Judicial authority, provides a valuable resource that can be used to find warrants. The only caveat is that these warrants only apply to certain warrant types. You are restricted to warrant search requests pertaining to Violation of Probation (VOP), and Order to Incarcerate (OTI) warrants using this option.


At the official state website for Connecticut, you will find monthly arrest warrant reports of the aforementioned warrant types for each calendar year. There, you can find these warrants by searching using either or all three of the following search options: name, town, and court location.

At Law Enforcement Agencies

From the US Marshall at the federal level to the State Police and the County sheriff at the lower levels, law enforcement agencies are another more likely place to find warrants. All over Connecticut, the counties are run by a Sheriff who is the first point of order for criminal-related inquiries.


In cooperation with the local police department, they execute the warrants on people living in their jurisdiction. You should find warrant rosters or warrant search tools on the websites of the Sheriff's Office, depending on the county in question. 

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Running a Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check can produce warrants issued against the subject of the check. In Connecticut, these checks are available through various means, one of which is via a Criminal History Record request at the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP). 


This service is offered by the State Police, with a name-only search going for $36. A successful background check should yield the criminal history of the search subject, with any available warrants popping up as a field entry in the search result. 

Using a Third-Party Website

Other than law enforcement agencies, third-party websites also provide an avenue to run criminal background checks. Third-party websites in particular are websites with search engines that draw results from the immense pool of public records in their possession. 


These public records include arrest records, criminal records, and court records that provide a route to running background checks.


With as little as the name and location of the subject, you can run a search against their public record history. And if the subject has a history of arrests or a pending case with law enforcement, you can find warrants issued against them.

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