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Wyoming Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Wyoming

Wyoming Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Wyoming
July 31, 2022

Whatever your reasons for seeking mugshots in Wyoming are, you’re in luck. According to the Wyoming Sunshine Law, mugshots are public records, and public records are available to anyone who requests them.

So, if you’re an employer, a relative, friend, acquaintance, or a victim of someone who’s had a run-in with law enforcement in the state of Wyoming, you can easily find their mugshot.

There are official and unofficial ways of finding mugshots of offenders in Wyoming, each of them equally effective. We’ll consider them in this article.

There are background check services online that let you search for mugshots of offenders in Wyoming fairly easily and conveniently.

These third-party websites have access to public records, and they maintain a huge database of records that they get from a variety of sources.

Some of these platforms are free, but you may have to pay to use some others. Typically, the results of searches performed on these platforms are delivered within minutes.

Locating Mugshots from Third-Party Websites

Background check platforms boast intuitive websites that make it fairly easy to use their services.

All you’ll need to do is provide a few details of your subject (there are text boxes for these details) and click the “search button”.

It will take the system a few moments to match your provided information with available records in its database. You may click on results to find out more information about them, or to view their mugshot.

Where can an Individual Find Wyoming Arrest Records?

The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation is responsible for arrest records.

The state’s Criminal Justice Information Unit, which conducts background checks on civilians and other police and court agencies, also keeps arrest records.

A person's arrest record is maintained by Wyoming's Division of Criminal Investigations as well as their Criminal Justice Information Unit, which conducts background checks on citizens and other law enforcement agencies.

The Wyoming Sunshine Law, also known as the Wyoming Public Records Act, stipulates that all government data and records are open to the public.

In Wyoming, arrest records are public records, and interested parties can get them from county and city law enforcement officers.

Interested parties can also make applications or go to their local police and sheriff's offices to search for and receive copies of these records. These offices do not provide public arrest records for free; they charge a small fee.

How To Access Wyoming Arrest Records

The best place to start is with the local law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest, once you’ve been verified to be entitled to the arrest data.

You can also check with any state court to see if the object of your search has been arrested or convicted. Payment of specific fees will be required to obtain copies of any arrest records that may exist.

You may also check third-party websites that provide the service to look for arrest records. These third-party websites comb Wyoming law enforcement databases for information on an individual's arrest history.

The searcher must supply information on the putative suspect, such as the person's name or known aliases, present location, and physical description, among other things, in order to enable the search.

You may be charged a small fee to use this service.

Can I Search Wyoming Criminal Records?

The Wyoming Sunshine Law enables public access to criminal records as well as all other public documents.

There are several exceptions to who can access certain documents, such as employers reviewing the arrest record of a job application.

However, in most cases, anyone can request a criminal record without having to explain why. Criminal records in Wyoming contain mugshots of the offender, making this one of the best ways to find mugshots in Wyoming.

How To Access Wyoming Criminal Records

Anyone wishing to get criminal records from the Wyoming DCI must first be fingerprinted by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) or a local law enforcement agency.

If a request is in compliance with an employer’s request, the requester may notarize the form and sign the waiver part.

The fingerprinting fee is $5, and the background check fee is $15, according to the DCI. Payment can be made through money order or a certified check.

Other members of the public can obtain Wyoming criminal records by going to their local district court and requesting on-demand court records from the clerk of courts.

Due to the fact that (minimal) copy fees are involved, it may be impossible to perform free criminal record checks.

Where Can I Find Wyoming Inmate Records?

Another easy way to find a person’s mugshot online in Wyoming is to browse through the state’s inmate records.

The Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) is in charge of all those who are incarcerated in the state. One of the WDOC's responsibilities is to keep track of convicts and offenders in state prisons, probation, and parole.

The WDOC has an offender locator tool that allows anyone to look for these convicts. Interested parties can use the inmate's number or last name to browse the database, which lists criminals by the names found in official court documents.

How to Access Wyoming Inmate Records

To begin, go to the offender locator page, which will take you to the search page. Next, enter the inmate's WDOC number (if known), and if not, other information about the searcher to help with the search.

The offender's first or last name, age, and gender are among the extra information required. The last name is essential to continue, and once all of the required sections have been filled out, the searcher can click the 'Submit Search Request' button.

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