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Unclaimed Money Kentucky: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Kentucky

Unclaimed Money Kentucky: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Kentucky
October 26, 2022

Every year, millions of dollars are reported as unclaimed in Kentucky. The bulk of these monies emanates from abandoned financial assets and monies, such as stocks, bonds, insurance benefits, securities, dividends, etc. 

Unclaimed funds are reported in the owner's name or social security number, alongside other information. In this piece, we shall evaluate types of unclaimed money and how to locate unclaimed money in Kentucky. 

What is Unclaimed Money, and the Types of Unclaimed Money in Kentucky?

Unclaimed money refers to any sum of money or financial asset that has not been claimed by its legitimate owner within a specific period and, therefore, is dormant. 


The financial institution or agency holding such money is under obligation to locate and inform the rightful owners about such money or financial asset under their possession. 

Should every attempt prove futile, the holders must report and return the unclaimed funds to the Unclaimed Property Division of the Kentucky Treasury Department. 


The Kentucky Treasury Department holds over 800 million in unclaimed money, and these funds belong to thousands of account owners. 

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Before unclaimed money can be transferred to the Treasury Department, Kentucky provides for a window known as dormancy. 


A dormancy period is a timeline between the abandonment of financial assets and the government taking control of them. 

Different unclaimed monies have different dormancy periods. Below are the types of Kentucky unclaimed funds and their respective dormancy period:

* Contents of safe deposit boxes: three years
* Bank accounts: three years
* Traveler's checks: seven years
* Properties held by fiduciaries: three years
* Salaries: between three to five years
* Life insurance policies: three years
* Dividends, distributions, and stocks: three years

Key Reporting Deadlines for Kentucky Unclaimed Properties 

Holders of financial assets and monies are required to file annual unclaimed property reports with the Kentucky Treasury Department. The reports are submitted electronically through the online reporting portal. 

Holders of unclaimed life insurance and non-life insurance benefits must submit their reports by April 30th, while every other report must be submitted by October 31st. 

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Aside from insurance companies, every other holder must submit their reports before the general 1st November deadline for the twelve-month period preceding July 1st of that year. 

Insurance firms must file their reports before May 1st for the preceding calendar year. 


Failure to submit reports for unclaimed properties before the scheduled deadlines may result in penalties, fines, and audits by the state. 

How to Avoid Kentucky Unclaimed Money Scams

While looking for abandoned or missing money, there is a likelihood that you might fall into some scams. 


Most fraudsters usually call or email persons with missing money, informing them about how they intend to assist them in locating their cash. 

In addition, they typically ask for your personal details, like your contact address and social security number. 


How, then, can you protect yourself from becoming a victim of these fraudulent activities?

1. Avoid giving out your personal information to strangers without verification. It can be tempting to give in to promises of thousands of dollars, but always request precise details or conduct your research first.

2. The State of Kentucky will not ask you to pay to reclaim your money. The easiest way to identify a scam is if they ask that you pay them to reclaim your missing cash or financial assets.

3. Always stay informed. Officials of the unclaimed property division will not contact somebody on your behalf regarding any unclaimed money in your name. 

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How to Find Unclaimed Money in Kentucky 

If you are looking for your missing money in Kentucky, the good news is that you can still reclaim your money without stress. 


The Kentucky Treasury Department maintains an online database of every unclaimed fund that has been remitted to the state, alongside the names of the legitimate owners. 

In addition, the state utilizes the platform for every online inquiry. To locate your unclaimed money, simply follow the steps below: 

* Navigate to
* Enter your first name or business name 
* Narrow your search by entering your middle name, city, and zip code
* Select every matching item and click on the "Yes, I can claim" button
* Complete the "State File Inquiry" form page
* Click on "Continue"

You will be required to provide other property-related details on the claim form. These documents or details are outlined under the Treasurer's Claim Instruction form, and they include the following: 

* Proof of mailing address reported
* A copy of a government-issued ID card, such as a US passport or a driver's license 
* Evidence of social security number 
* Copy of your tax-id number 
* Proof of ownership of the stipulate fund or relationship with the unclaimed money

You can also contact the treasurer's office for further inquiries using the following details:

Division of Unclaimed Property 
1050 US Hwy 127S,
Suite 100
Frankfort, KY 40601

Similarly, you can send an email through [email protected]  

The treasury department will process your claim and send feedback through your provided mailing address. 


The processing time depends on different factors, such as the type of unclaimed money and the time the claim was submitted.


If you are curious about finding your unclaimed money in Kentucky, you can receive an answer using the technique discussed above. 


In addition, the Kentucky State Treasurer periodically updates its websites, meaning you will likely find your missing fund on their platform.

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