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Wyoming License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Wyoming

Wyoming License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Wyoming
November 27, 2022

Purchasing a vehicle usually comes with various common requirements, such as having a valid driver's license and ownership title. 


However, most drivers aren't aware of the history of the vehicle they intend to purchase. This is especially apparent in the case of used vehicles. 

In Wyoming, people looking to purchase second-hand vehicles must conduct proper due diligence research to avoid purchasing stolen vehicles or vehicles with questionable titles. 


The best way to discover more details about a vehicle is by running a license plate lookup. 

A quick license plate lookup will provide you with the car's true history, allowing you to properly gauge the vehicle's worth and not depend solely on the dealer's assertions. 


In this piece, we shall discuss everything you need to know about performing a Wyoming license plate lookup, including the administration and types of Wyoming license plates.

a blank license plate on a car

Administration of Wyoming License Plates

Wyoming license plates are metallic plate tags containing distinct characters assigned to a vehicle after registration. 


According to the state's Motor Vehicle Code, plate tags must be twelve inches long and six inches in height. 

It also provides that every vehicle must have two license plates attached to the rear and front sides. 


Automobiles required to have single license plates include house trailers, motorcycles, multipurpose vehicles, trailers, and cars bearing dealer's license plates. 

In 2015, Wyoming exempted vehicles produced without any front plate bracket, custom, and antique vehicles from having two license plates. 


Wyoming license plates feature the famous Squaretop Mountain and the Green River Lakes. 

The plate tags are inscribed with "WYOMING" on the top side, alongside the state's registered trademarks, which are the rider emblem and the bucking horse. 


The plates are county-coded between 1-23, displaying the exact county number. 


The license plate decal indicates the plate's renewal and expiration dates. 

The Motor Vehicle Services (MVS) of the Wyoming Department of Transportation oversees the administration and issuance of license plates to automobiles. 


The MVS works with the county treasurer's offices to directly provide license plates to residents. 

You will be required to provide various documents while applying for a license plate, including the manufacturer's certificate of origin, proof of registration and titling fees, purchase invoice, sales and use tax form usually offered by the dealer, and the odometer reading. 

an illustration of a car with a form next to it


The Motor Vehicle Services, in turn, issues the following types of license plates:

* Specialty license plates: Common types of specialty license plates are;
   - Former POW
   - National Guard 
   - Radio amateur 
   - EMT 
   - Pearl Harbor Survivor 
   - Pioneer 
   - Disabled vet
   - University of Wyoming 
   - Tribal plate
   - Firefighter 
   - Purple Heart recipient
   - Gold Star
   - Wildlife Conservation 
   - Novelty 
   - Choice disabled veteran plates

* Standard license plates: These are the most common plates issued to vehicles. Applicants are naturally provided with standard license plates until they opt for another class of plate.

* Personalized or customized license plates: These plates are also known as prestige plates, and are issued to vehicle owners upon payment of prestige license charges. They will also be required to complete and submit the application for the prestige form. Successful applicants will be required to abide by the following rules:

   - The plates must carry no symbols 
   - Contain a maximum of five alphanumeric characters 
   - Only Arabic numbers and capital letters
   - No obscene, vulgar, or indecent language or expression. 
   - No conflict with already existing plates

Disability license plates: These plates are issued to persons with medical conditions, including:

   - Persons with a temporary or permanent disability 
   - Veterans with disability 
   - Vehicles offering essential services to the disabled 

How to Conduct License Plate Lookup in Wyoming 

License plate lookup involves searching for information about a vehicle's history using its license plate numbers. License plate numbers are alphanumeric characters assigned to vehicles and used to identify the vehicle with its owner. 

Common details retrieved from license plate lookup include odometer readings, accident history, traffic offense history, title history, etc. 


The Motor Vehicle Records and Privacy Regulation laws of Wyoming regulate the disclosure of vital vehicle records. 

The Wyoming Department of Transportation maintains an online database of vehicle records in the state. 


Persons searching for license plate records must state a reason for their search and offer proof of identity. 

They must also complete the application of vehicle record and privacy disclosure release form also called MV-220. 


The reasons must be in accordance with Wyoming laws for the application to be granted. 


Some of the reasons that can be given for the release of vehicle information include the following: 

   - To prevent fraud
   - To confirm the integrity of personal information provided by an individual. 
   - The data will be used in criminal, civil, or arbitral proceedings 
   - To be used by the court, law enforcement, or government agency
   - For private investigative agencies


a sign that reads driver licenses

After completing the form, and paying the $5 fee, email the form to:

[email protected] or mail it to:
ATTN: Motor Vehicle Services,
5300 Bishop Boulevard,
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340

Furthermore, you can also use the online services by visiting the official website of the Wyoming Department of Transportation. 


Click the "titles, plates, and registration" icon and proceed to a title search. 

You will be required to pay a service charge of $5 and fill out the MV-220 form. 


You can submit the form using any of the addresses provided above. Interested parties can also walk into the Wyoming Motor Vehicle Services agency at:

5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne WY 82009


Conducting a license plate lookup is an excellent idea for persons looking to purchase second-hand vehicles. 


You can look up a vehicle's history right in the comfort of your apartment using any of the techniques discussed above.

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