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Alabama License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Alabama

Alabama License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Alabama
October 31, 2022

Alabama is one of the 19 states in the United States of America that requires the back license plate. 


In Alabama, you must obtain a license plate within twenty (20) calendar days following the purchase of a new or used motor vehicle.

An Alabama license plate is a distinctive identification tag given to drivers when a vehicle is registered in Alabama. 


This identification tag verifies that a vehicle has been appropriately registered in Alabama by the Department of Revenue and is permitted to travel the state's roads and highways.

Since 1941, Alabama has used a numeric county-code system for its license plates. 


The three counties with the highest population at the time (Jefferson, Mobile, and Montgomery) were given the designations 1, 2, and 3. 


In contrast, the remaining counties were given codes 4 through 67 in alphabetical order. 


In addition, code 70 was established in 1948 for replacement plates, while code 80 was added in 1966 for additional plates in counties where the supply of regular plates had run out.


an illustration of a car with a form next to it

Search Alabama License Plate: What are the Types of Alabama License Plates?

There are nine (9) different license plate options in Alabama. Therefore, the requirements and costs vary depending on the license plate type.

1. Standard Plates (all vehicles)
2. Distinctive Plates (all vehicles)
3. Collegiate Plates
4. Military Plates
    a. Retired Armed Forces
    b.Disabled Veteran
5. Generic Distinctive Plates
6. Generic Race Plates (all vehicles)
7. Manufacturer & Dealer Plates
8. Government plates 
9. Temporary tags
10. Vintage plates (Passenger, Motorcycle, Truck)

Best Practices for an Alabama License Plate Lookup

Ensure you follow these straightforward guidelines to receive the most outstanding results from the Alabama license plate number lookup.

1. According to state legislation, owners must mount license plates on the back regardless of the type of vehicle.

2. Know how to find out more. Services for a free license plate lookup in Alabama provide you with the essential details regarding the vehicle's state. 


In addition, it displays information about a car's theft, resale, or repossession, loan agreements or manufacturer recalls, and any accidents the vehicle may have been in, which might not be sufficient. 


Thus, to reveal more, you should use the VIN check method. A VIN check is considered absolute in producing an almost complete result.

3. Avoid being nosy. There are some things you cannot check online. For example, do not attempt to obtain the personal information of a vehicle's past owners. 


Such a search is prohibited. Instead, if you need this information, contacting the police or the nearest DMV office is the best and safest option.

a man attaching an license plate on a vehicle

Search Alabama License Plate: How to Perform the Search?

Finding a license plate owner in Alabama may be done quickly and easily with an Alabama license plate lookup. Also, when trying to buy a used car or locate an errant driver in the state, license plate lookups are very helpful. 


Alabama license plate lookups are feasible using third-party platforms that provide these services. 

Alabama DMV License Plate Search: the Alabama Department of Revenue (DOR) can also provide information on license plates upon request, but access to some information may be constrained due to privacy considerations. 


Nevertheless, the most comprehensive and current data about Alabama's license plates can be obtained from the DOR. 

Although, online third-party user programs sometimes provide Alabama license plate lookups for a fee and without charge. 


However, the information offered through paid services is typically more current and condensed than that found through free lookup. 


For a thorough license plate Lookup in Alabama, you can use professional public records search websites, such as 


You have several search methods that are available to you on the website, and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Another way to perform an Alabama license plate lookup is through the Alabama Department of Revenue, which provides access to motor vehicle records requests. 


Data from these records can be utilized to locate the license plate owner in the state. 

You can also check with any Alabama law enforcement organizations. 


They are also capable of finding the owner of a license plate. However, they will only do so if a crime has been committed.

A vehicle identification number (VIN) can also be used to check license plates and obtain details about the vehicle. 


The VIN is one of the pieces of information recorded with the Motor Vehicle Division during the registration of a motor vehicle. 

As a result, it is feasible to check details about a car's registration and license plate using the vehicle identification number.


The Motor Vehicle Division can be contacted at (334) 242-9000 for further instructions as might be required.

license plates

How to Renew an Alabama License Plate?

Alabama requires an annual renewal of license plates. At the start of the regular renewal month, a renewal notice will be issued as a courtesy to the last known address. 


According to the state's laws, what determines the renewal month is the first letter in the last name of the car register (owner).

* January: A and D
* February: B
* March: C and E
* April: F, G, and N
* May: H and O
* June: M and I
* July: P and L
* August: J, K, and R
* September: Q, S, and T
* October: U to Z
* November: National Guard, trucks, fleet, leased, and commercial vehicles.


Alabama is well renowned for replacing license plates entirely every five years. 


Nobody knows why, though. Some officials say this is a mandate from the law, while others claim that this is the timeframe in which license plate covers can become worn out. 


A temporary Alabama license plate lasts for 20 days.

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