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Wisconsin Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Wisconsin
July 31, 2022

People seek out mugshots for several different reasons. An employer may search for a potential employee’s mugshot to verify the latter’s status.

People who recently moved to a new neighborhood may need assurances about their new neighbors, while victims may seek out mugshots of their offenders to get updates about their current status.

Whatever anyone’s reasons for seeking mugshots in Wisconsin are, the good news is that the state does not make you jump through hoops to get them.

Per the state’s Open Records Act, mugshots are public records, and they are accessible in several official and unofficial ways. We’ll explain them in this article.

Finding Records on Third-Party Websites

The most convenient unofficial method of finding mugshots of present or past offenders in Wisconsin is by using the services of background check websites, also known as third-party websites.

These platforms have access to a gigantic database of public records through multiple sources and are authorized by law to display these records on their websites, on demand.

A small charge may apply when you use these services, and some of these platforms may ask you to register with them in order to perform a mugshot search, or indeed a wide range of other background check services.

Steps To Obtaining Mugshot from Third-Party Websites

One thing that contributes to the appeal of background search websites is their simplicity. Searching for mugshots of offenders on these websites can be as easy as typing a few details of your subject into a search box and clicking the “search” button.

It will only take the system a few moments to bring up records of people with details that match the information you provided for the search.

If you’d like to save your findings for future reference, some background check websites can send these records to your email address.

Checking Wisconsin Arrest Records for Mugshots

Arrest records for adult criminals are public records, per the Wisconsin Open Records Act. And since arrest records contain mugshots of the offender, checking out arrest records in Wisconsin is an excellent way to find mugshots.

How to Find Wisconsin Arrest Records

You may check out Wisconsin arrest records in person or through several online platforms. For a physical check, you may pay a visit to the local Sheriff’s office in Wisconsin or the police department that made the arrest.

If you prefer to do it online, you may check the local police website or send a formal request to the record-holding department. You may be charged a small fee for the processing, reproducing, and shipping of these documents.

Another way to find someone's arrest history in Wisconsin is by conducting a name-based criminal record search on the Wisconsin Online Records Check System. First, you’re required to create an account.

Then, you’ll be prompted to provide details of your identity, date of birth, and social security number in order to obtain the criminal records you require.

For a charge, you can conduct a name-based criminal record search after receiving account approval.

You may search and obtain criminal records on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access page. However, you’ll need to know the offender’s name and date of birth to use this feature.

Browsing Wisconsin Inmate Records

If the object of your search is currently in the Wisconsin prison system, finding their mugshot is as easy as checking the state’s inmate records.

With the Wisconsin Online Record Check tool (an online tool developed by the Wisconsin Department of Correction), you can retrieve such information as the location of inmates, essential data of past and present inmates, and, of course, their mugshots. 

How to Find Wisconsin Inmate Records

If you know the exact state and county where the arrest took place, you may conduct an inmate search offline. You could also do it through official and third-party means on the internet.

The Inmate and Offender Search tool helps petitioners locate inmates confined within state prison amenities run by the Department of Corrections.

If you can't find the inmate you're looking for, inquire at the jail in the county or city where the crime was committed.

If you want to locate inmates in Wisconsin using the Inmate and Offender Search tool, you’ll be required to fill out a form. In general, you should know the following information about the offender:

* Their full name

DOC number





Year of Birth

If you’re not sure of any of this information, you may perform a name-based or fingerprint-based inmate search in Wisconsin using the Wisconsin Online Record Check System (WORCS).

Wisconsin Criminal Records Explained

Those who have access to designated record custodians can view public criminal records according to the State's Open Records Law.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice is the primary repository for criminal records in the state. These records, known as Criminal History Record Information (CHRI), are maintained by the Crime Information Bureau (CIB) of the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ).

The CIB also provides and maintains the Wisconsin Online Record Check System (WORCS), an online feature through which interested parties can access criminal records.

How to Obtain Wisconsin Criminal Records

Public access to these police documents is provided through WORCS by the CIB. WORCS allows users to search criminal records based on their names.

To request criminal records, applicants must create user accounts and provide dates of birth, social security numbers, and exact names of people they want to find.

The requester may conduct a name-based criminal record search for $10 per record once their account has been approved.

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