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Unclaimed Money West Virginia: How to Find Unclaimed Money in West Virginia

Unclaimed Money West Virginia: How to Find Unclaimed Money in West Virginia
November 3, 2022

About one in ten people in the United States have unclaimed property arising from insurance proceeds, deceased relatives, abandoned paychecks, contents of safe deposit boxes, and so on. 


According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), the United States has over $58 billion in unclaimed properties, including unclaimed monies and financial assets. 

If you suspect that you have some unclaimed funds in West Virginia, you are at the right place. 


This piece will evaluate unclaimed money in West Virginia and how to locate your missing funds.

What is Unclaimed Money in West Virginia?

In West Virginia, unclaimed money falls under the scope of unclaimed properties and refers to tangible and intangible financial assets considered abandoned by the owners. 


Examples of tangible financial assets are the contents of safe deposit boxes; intangible assets include unredeemed stocks, uncashed checks, and utility deposits. 

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Money becomes unclaimed due to various reasons, such as:

* When the owners forget about their bank accounts.
* Failure to properly update your contact information.
* Not clearing out your account balance while moving out of the state.
* Not knowing about money belonging to deceased relatives.
* Bank failures result in unclaimed balances.

The West Virginia Unclaimed Property Laws govern the administration of unclaimed properties, including unclaimed funds in the state. The law outlines the processes for reclaiming lost monies. 

According to the law, holders of unclaimed funds, such as financial institutions and government agencies, must send due diligence notifications to owners of unclaimed monies under their care. 

The notice must inform the owner of the total sum held and how to reclaim it. If the owner fails to reclaim the money, the holder must transfer the funds to the State Treasury. 


The treasury department acts as the primary custodian pending when the owner(s) or heir comes forward to claim it. 

The State Treasury presently holds millions in unclaimed properties, including unclaimed funds. 


The Unclaimed Property Division of the state’s treasury department returned over $1.3 million in unclaimed money to over 900 claimants in August 2021. 

This was higher than the average $1.1 million paid in August for the last six years. 


Each fiscal year, the division returns an average of $15 million to state residents, amounting to thousands of owners.

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How to Find Unclaimed Money in West Virginia?

Finding unclaimed money in West Virginia is a stress-free exercise. The West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office has been handling requests for unclaimed properties for several decades. 


If you are a resident of the great state of West Virginia, there are three ways you can use to find your unclaimed money:

1. Through the online database of the Unclaimed Property Division of the state’s treasury
2. Over the phone
3. Via email

The Unclaimed Property Division has an online database that allows residents of the state to search for their unclaimed money. 


The search is free, and you can find your missing money using the steps below:

1. Navigate to the West Virginia State Treasurer’s official website.
2. Scroll down to the “find unclaimed property” section.
3. Click on “search.”
4. Enter all required details, including your full name or business name and contact details.
5. You can also input your city and zip code to narrow your search.
6. Click on “search.”
7. The site will provide you with every unclaimed money matching your details. Select the necessary item (s) and click on “Claim.”
8. Enter your relationship status with the property.

The site will provide you with a property ID. Write down the ID because you will be using it to track the status of your claim. 

Furthermore, claimants who aren’t conversant with the workings of the online database can contact the West Unclaimed Virginia Unclaimed Property Division at 1-800-642-8687 (toll-free). 


Inquire about your unclaimed money and follow all instructions provided. 

Finally, the treasury department has a dedicated email address that can be used for requests and questions. 


To get your West Virginia unclaimed money via email, follow the steps below:

Write an email to the treasury department stating your purpose
Include details about yourself, such as your Social Security Number, address, name, etc. 
Forward your request to [email protected] 

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You can also submit in-person requests at:

Unclaimed Property Division, 
322 70th Street, SE,
Charleston WV, 25304,
WV Treasury Building 2

The standard timeline for processing claims is ninety days; however, it can be longer or shorter depending on the type of claim. 


A notice will be sent to the claimant once their claim has been approved for payment. 


Unclaimed money in West Virginia is kept indefinitely on behalf of the owners and their heirs. 


The state acts as temporary custodian of West Virginia unclaimed property, pending whenever the rightful owner(s) steps forward. 


West Virginians searching for unclaimed funds can use any of the techniques listed above.

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