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Virginia Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Virginia

Virginia Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Virginia
July 21, 2022

In Virginia, as in most states in the US, mugshots are part of an offender’s arrest or criminal records, which are public records according to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.


This makes them easily accessible to members of the public who are interested in them for whatever reason.


Finding mugshots in Virginia can be achieved in a variety of ways. We’ve explained each of them in this guide.


What Can You Find In Virginia Arrest Records?


An arrest record in Virginia provides such information as:


* The arrestee’s name and other personal information

* Time and place of the arrest

* Details of the offense that led to the arrest

* The arresting officer’s name

* Jail where the arrestee was held


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In Virginia, mugshots can remain on arrest records indefinitely, unless they are expunged. This makes arrest records a good place to begin your search for mugshots in Virginia.


Obtaining Arrest Records In Virginia


Arrest records in Virginia are created and maintained by the Chief of Police or the Sheriff of a county.


Per the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, arrest records are public, making them accessible to members of the public.


To access arrest records in Virginia, you may conduct a physical search at the department of public safety or the state police department. 


You may get access to these records for free or after paying a small fee. However, reproducing and certifying the records will attract an extra charge.


Inmate Records in Virginia


If your search object was or is an inmate at any of the state’s correctional facilities, and you’re aware of this fact, you can bring up their mugshot by browsing Virginia inmate records.


You may either access these records online or visit the correctional facility where the inmate is being held. 


How Can You Obtain Virginia Inmate Records?


To look up the records of inmates incarcerated in Virginia state prisons online, visit the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) website and use the Offender Locator tool. 


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Contact the regional office or correctional facility where the inmate is being held for additional offender information or to conduct an inmate search.


Contact information for these facilities can be found on the VADOC website. The Department accepts FOIA requests from the public via mail, fax, email, phone calls, and in person.


What Can You Find In Virginia Criminal Records?


Information on a Virginia criminal record may vary depending on the source and type of the record. In general, however, you can expect to find the following details about the offender in a criminal record:


* Full name and known aliases of the offender

* Personal details of the offender such as their gender, race, birth date, and other identifying features

* A mugshot and a set of fingerprints

* Details of previous criminal offenses and convictions

* The offender’s past and outstanding arrest history and warrants

* The offender’s post-conviction status

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How Can You Get Virginia Criminal Records?


Various law enforcement agencies in Virginia have access to criminal records. Crime records are centrally stored by the Virginia State Police, and criminal background checks are available statewide.


In most cases, public requesters must fill out an SP-167 request form. In addition to the application packet, the requester must enclose a certified check or money order payable to the Virginia State Police and a stamped self-addressed envelope. The sealed envelope should then be mailed to:


Virginia State Police

Civil and Applicants Record Exchange

P.O. Box 85076

Richmond, VA 23285

Phone: (804) 674-2131


Criminal records requests usually take fifteen (15) days to process. Requesters must mail in their requests as soon as feasible because the Virginia State Police does not provide expedited service.


Furthermore, the agency will only handle a request if complete payment for the service has been confirmed. A public criminal record search is available for free.


Calling or emailing the agency for a fee waiver and stating financial hardship or other situations that make the requester eligible for a cost waiver is one way to do this.


The record custodian may consider the waiver request after determining that releasing the document is in the interest of the general public.

Unofficial Method of Getting Mugshots


Using third-party websites typically attracts a fee, but it is also arguably the most convenient method of obtaining mugshots in Virginia. These platforms offer a huge database of open-source public files which they are authorized to display.


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How to Get a Mugshot Online


To use any of the third-party people search websites available online, visit their website and supply the information of the individual whose records you seek.


Typically, these platforms provide text boxes where you may input these details. You may also be prompted to include more information about the individual for a more targeted search.


As soon as you click the search button, the website will bring up details of your subject, including their mugshot, where applicable. 


You can visit the findmugshots, prisonhandbook, and recordsfinder websites and enter pertinent data for a thorough search to quickly get mugshots of anyone in Virginia with a criminal record.


As an alternative, you can check local police department websites, state sex offender registries, or the websites of the state's departments of prisons. You can also search state or county records.

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