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Arizona License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Arizona

Arizona License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Arizona
October 31, 2022

In Arizona, a driver's vehicle and auto insurance are linked together via an Arizona license plate. 


Therefore, it must be easy to see in the authorized areas. Standard Arizona license plates and specialty plates are the two main categories of Arizona license plates. 

The former bears the words "Grand Canyon State," the state's name, a setting sun, and a mountainous backdrop. 


On the other hand, specialized license plates are granted for vehicles owned by organizations or groups.

An Arizona license plate is a metal plate issued by the Motor Vehicle Division, a division of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) (MVD). 


In Arizona, a license plate is necessary for every car. An Arizona license plate is the property of the driver, not the state. As a result, its owner may transfer it from one car to another.

How to Get an Arizona License Plate?

Within 15 days of purchasing your car, you must apply for the title certificate in Arizona. 


Next, you must obtain the seller's signed title if you buy the automobile from a private party. 


After that, you must apply at any nearby Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office of the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to formally register your vehicle.

After registering your vehicle, Arizona residents are required to pass an emission test. 

a finger touching a car's license plate


Arizona does not recognize any prior examinations from other U.S. states. 


Therefore, your vehicle must pass emission and smog tests to complete registration. 

Some vehicles, however, can run without undertaking the tests mentioned above. 


However, these vehicles must have several distinctive characteristics, including that they must utilize alternative fuel, must be at least five years old, must have been produced before 1967, and must be fuelled by gasoline.

Here are the required documents for applicants to present at the MVD office while registering their vehicles:

* Completed title and registration application
* Fully signed and notarized car title
* Proof of Insurance
* Proof of ownership
* Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO)
* Valid photo I.D. including Driver's license and ID Card
* Registration payment receipt
* Emission test form if applicable

The registration fee varies according to the kind of plates you require and your vehicle. For instance, there is an $8 cost if all you want to do is register your car. 


However, there is an additional $4 charge if you add the title registration service for your car. Another $15 service is necessary for registering your vehicle within 90 days.


Although, Any registrant is entitled to a free standard, full-size 6" by 12" plate with a maximum of seven characters.

shutterstock_1445554379 (1).jpg

Arizona License Plate Lookup

In Arizona, there are no particular specifications for looking up license plates. 


However, theft AZ is a free online resource offered by the Arizona Attorney General's Office that allows people to look up license plates in the state using the Vehicle Identification Number. 

To check license plates, requesters can also go to any MVD Office site in the state.

In Arizona, anyone looking for a license plate owner can contact the Attorney General's office or the Motor Vehicle Department of Arizona. 


However, it is also important to note that the details from the MVD accessible to citizens and third parties are constrained. 


According to the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, U.S. Code 18 2721, state vehicle management agencies are not permitted to divulge certain types of personal data.

The requester may utilize the information further to determine the owner's identity if the information obtained in response to the request does include that information. 


For example, they might do this by employing tools for looking up phone numbers or the state's database of vehicle service records.

Also, it is essential to note that there are three states of VIN license plate lookup in Arizona. These include:

* Level 1 inspection is for out-of-state vehicles with bonded titles and those without registration or title evidence.
* Level 2 inspection is performed on vehicles whose VINs cannot be matched or are not readily available.
* Level 3 inspection: This is for vehicles involved in an accident, damaged or stolen, or rescued.

A person must go to one of the MVD offices or recognized third-party service providers to conduct a Level 1 VIN inspection.

a car mechanic pointing to a license plate

How to Correctly Display Arizona License Plates?

An Arizona license plate may not be modified or altered following Arizona law. Your license plate must be visible on the back of your car. In Arizona, a plate must be displayed per the following rules:

* Your license plate must be visible on your vehicle's back and at least 12 inches off the ground. It must be easily readable and securely fastened to prevent swinging. In addition, the plate's name must be legible without any covering.

* The temporarily issued plates are subject to the same regulations.


You should replace your license plate as quickly as possible if it is stolen or lost. You should go to the police to report the theft of your license plate. You have two options for replacing your license plate: applying in person or online. 


Additionally, it would be best if you supplied your VIN or license plate number. Finally, there is a $5 replacement token cost to get a new one.

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