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Utah Public Records: How to Perform a Utah Public Records Search

Utah Public Records: How to Perform a Utah Public Records Search
September 28, 2022

In Utah, interested individuals are permitted by the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) to request and access government records without needing to explain their reasons for making the request. 


Government agencies are mandated to respond to Utah public records requests within ten days. 


Public records in Utah may be accessed and obtained online, by mail, or in person at the office of the appropriate government agency.


That being said, some records are exempt from public access and any request for Utah public records may be met with rejection. 


Nevertheless, the state of Utah allows for an appeals process for rejected Utah public records requests.

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How to Perform a Utah Public Records Search:


Whether you want to perform a Utah free public records search online, or find Utah public records with official agencies, here are the ways to do it:

What are Vital Records in Utah?

Vital records are a broad category in Utah public records, that includes birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce certificates. 


Vital records are only accessible to a select group of people in Virginia, despite the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act’s classification of these records as Utah public records. 


They include those specifically identified on the certificate, members of the record subjects’ immediate family, attorneys with power of attorney, and those whose requests are supported by a documented court order.


Anyone requesting Utah vital data must present a legitimate form of identity, typically a government-issued photo ID. 


Additionally, before obtaining copies of records, requestors must pay any costs that may be charged.


The Utah Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records and Statistics maintains and disseminates vital records in the state. 


Interested parties may access vital records on the department’s website or request to obtain certified copies of these records by submitting an application (along with an $18 application fee) in person or by mail to:


Office of Vital Records and Statistics
Utah Department of Health
P.O. Box 141012
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1012


It takes the department around three weeks to process vital record requests. Application fees for certified vital records may also vary depending on counties. 


A decent alternative for individuals looking for marriage or divorce records is to contact the county clerk's office where the marriage license was issued or where the divorce was finalized.

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What are Criminal Records in Utah?

Criminal histories of individuals within the state of Utah are described in documents known as rap sheets or criminal records in Utah. 


These public records in Utah include details about arrests, convictions, sentences, and any other reports relating to criminal activity by state residents. 


They are primarily curated by local law enforcement authorities, who are also charged with the responsibility of making the records accessible to interested members of the public, along with other relevant information in accordance with state legislation.


In Utah, criminal records are mostly requested by employers looking to carry out due diligence on potential employees before engaging them.

How to Find Utah Criminal Records:

In Utah, law enforcement organizations are frequently responsible for creating and maintaining public criminal records, both locally and statewide. 


It should be noted, however, that the Utah Department of Public Safety is the state's main repository of criminal history data. 

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The records are available at the state level as well as at the local level from the law enforcement organizations in your city or county.


The Bureau of Criminal Identification is responsible for making the state's criminal history records available to the public through the Utah Department of Public Safety's central repository. 


The creation and maintenance of criminal records in Utah is done differently by different jurisdictions. 


The majority of the Utah public records, however, are accessible online through public record registries.

Public Records Utah: What are Court Records in Utah?

The trials of respondents who have been accused of criminal or civil charges are covered in detail in court records in Utah. 


Interested members of the public may examine non-confidential court records in accordance with the state's Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA).

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How to Find Utah Court Records?

Accessing court records in Utah begins with identifying the courthouse and type of court that keeps those records. 


The state of Utah utilizes a court case management system identified as XChange. 


Interested members of the public may conveniently access court records maintained by this system. That being said, only publicly accessible court records may be accessed through the XChange system. 


Most district courthouses offer it for free, and it is also accessible through paid subscriptions. 


At some Justice Court sites, there may also be free public access to XChange.


To access court records in Utah, interested members of the public may also visit the Utah Courts' official website. 

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Public Records Utah: What are Inmate Records in Utah?

Managing state-run prisons and keeping track of every prisoner incarcerated in state correctional facilities falls under the purview of the Utah Department of Corrections. 


Inmate records usually include descriptions of subjects' physical appearance in addition to information about their offense, conviction, and incarceration.

How to Find Utah Inmate Records

In order to facilitate quick prisoner searches, the Utah Department of Correction maintains a database of inmate records and provides an online offender finder tool. 


In order to begin a search for Utah inmate records, interested members of the public should go to the department's website, locate the offender search tool, type in the name and identification number of the inmate of interest, and then click the search button to begin the procedure.

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