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Idaho Death Records: How to Perform an Idaho Death Records Search

Idaho Death Records: How to Perform an Idaho Death Records Search
January 3, 2023

If you ever need to find a person's death record in Idaho, it is probably down to the need to present it for evidential purposes. 


Most persons need it to show their proof of relationship with a deceased person to a judge or insurance company. Some other persons use it to examine health-related and death trends in the state for critical policy formulations.


Idaho recognizes this and makes extant provisions to make its death records accessible to its citizens. 


Public availability of these records may vary across different timeframes and for different persons, depending on their relationship with the decedent. 


But if you need help finding an Idaho death record, this article intends to guide you through the right process involved. 

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Idaho Death Records Explained

Idaho death records provide proper documentation of a death recorded in the state while establishing the facts of the death. 


The death record is needed to obtain a death certificate which in itself is an official certification of the death and the cause of death. 


This certification and registration provide the backdrop against which a death certificate is used in legal applications, such as those that require evidence of a relationship with the deceased.


Family members of the decedent may need to show the death record certificate to a judge whenever they need to claim the pensions, insurance, or health benefits of the deceased. 


The State's Vital Records office is usually in possession of the death records registered there. 


The records are confidential and only available to family or other authorized persons until 50 years from their creation date. 


After this period, they eventually become publicly available. 

What Can I Find In An Idaho Death Record?

Idaho death records provide a structured profile of the record owner(the deceased) and an affirmation of the cause of death. Some of the crucial details(as they relate to the decedent) found in Idaho death records include:


* The name, gender, and race of the decedent
* Their place and date of death
* Their occupation, age, and residence at the time of death
* The cause of death or medical certification
* The decedent's parent's name or that of their siblings, their spouse, children, etc. 
* The name of the funeral home/director, registrar certifies that signs the document 

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How Are Idaho Death Records Created?

An Idaho death record is created after a series of events leading to its registration. 


The first stop en route to its registration is the collection of the deceased's personal information at the funeral home where the corpse is first deposited. 


Subsequently, the medical certification of the cause of death is ordinarily provided 72 hours from the time of death.


The persons charged with fulfilling this duty include the deceased's physician or any medical examiner who knows about their medical history or the illness causing death. 


They should be able to certify the cause of death and have it documented in the death certificate. 


Once this is established, the collected data is conveyed to the Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics for official registration and custodianship.

Where Can I Find Idaho Death Records?

An Idaho death record is known to be confidential until 50 years after its creation. During this time, only eligible persons are allowed to successfully apply for their collection at the Office of Vital Statistics. 


Your application must come with proof of relationship with the decedent, usually in the form of a valid government-issued ID card. This should be presented with a signed money order or check to cover the copying fees.


The cost of copying is $21 for the first certified copy of the death record and $16 for extra copies and computer-generated printouts. 


You can only ever find these death records by applying via mail or searching online for third-party websites connected to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The application must be forwarded to the address:


Idaho Vital Records,
P.O. Box 83720,
Boise, ID 83720-0036

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is charged with delivering the requested death record. However, this service is only available for persons who register with the service provider as a resident of the state. 


Any further inquiries about the status of your order can be directed to the contact directory of the state's office of Vital Records: (208) 334-5980 or at [email protected].

Third-Party Websites

Third-party websites have the advantage of being easily accessible and very responsive. 


They provide search portals that can return results for all your death record-related queries in minutes. 


You only have to type in the name of the record subject and their last known address in the appropriate search fields.


When you press submit, you should find results showing death record subjects with similar-sounding names. 


You can trim down the results by providing supplementary information about the deceased. 


In a very short while, you should find the death record of interest to you.

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