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Who Called Me from this Number: Best Number Finder Websites Online

Who Called Me from this Number: Best Number Finder Websites Online
September 8, 2022

Have you ever been bugged by an unknown number? Or have you consistently been pranked by a hidden ID? This can be a frightening experience for anyone, especially if such calls become persistent or threatening. Worry no more. You can know who called you from any number using number finder websites.  

Number finder websites are specialized web pages that allow users to search for information about the contact details of unknown callers. Most number finder websites provide the caller's name, physical address, email address, and criminal records.

Some websites offer free plans to search but are quite limiting in terms of features and the form of reports available. This is why using paid/subscribed platforms can be better, especially in more serious situations. 


Among the numerous websites available, here are some of the best and most affordable number finder websites you can find online.

a phone screen with an incoming call from an unknown caller

Instant Checkmate 

Instant checkmate combines the features of an extensive search database with advanced search filters. The database for instant checkmate is generated from a public database and state agency records. 


When you search for numbers on the website, you get detailed reports of the caller, including the name, age, social media pages, and email address. It can also show the criminal records sourced from the FBI database. 

Only unlimited report subscriptions are available from Instant Checkmate. It costs $35.12 per month to subscribe to Instant Checkmate, but you can save costs by paying for three months bulk subscription at $84.28 for a rate of $28.09 per month. The website also offers a trial offer for $1 to test out the features of the website, although limited. 

7Kw6eKAvMjkYBmVwk6FKAQ (1).jpg


Spokeo is a fast and reliable reverse number lookup website. It gained its international acclaim by being endorsed by top communication giants like AT&T. 


The website is super-efficient at generating results in a matter of seconds after combing through millions of phone records. The sophisticated results also contain financial data, educational history, and criminal records of the caller.

Spokeo provides a safe search by not storing your search histories whenever you use the website. In addition, similar to the feature on TruthFinder, you can erase your personal information from the website. Spokeo also offers a free 7-day trial, after which you can subscribe to its monthly or three months plan at $13.75 and $23.76, respectively. 

spokeo-logo-vector (1).png


BeenVerified is a reputable number finder website. It is popular as a result of its versatile usage and purpose. The website does more than just number lookup; it also provides information such as social profiles, criminal records, real estate, and other assets, bankruptcy records, and more. 

Besides reverse phone lookup, the website offers people search, email lookup, reverse address lookup, and property owner search as part of its feature. Although there is no free trial offered by BeenVerified, they offer a satisfaction guarantee: 


Price levels for a 1-month unlimited subscription start at $26.89 per month and drop to $17.48 per month with a 3-month membership.

beenverified-logo-1 (1).png


One of the advantages of using the GreatPeopleSearch website is the user-friendly interface it provides. In addition, this reverse number lookup website generates results by combining national, country, and state data. 

GreatPeopleSearch website also allows you to carry out a reverse lookup on Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which uses a broadband internet connection to make calls rather than regular phone numbers. However, the services of GreatPeopleSearch are only limited to US records.

great (1).jpg


CocoFinder provides all the information you need about an unknown caller in an incredibly short amount of time. The number lookup website can conduct four search methods: people search, email, address, and phone lookup. 


The people search is an extension of the phone lookup and helps you match the caller's name with other relevant public records. However, to get access to the detailed and full report, you need to connect with TruthFinder, the premium partner for CocoFinder.

cocofinder-logo (1).jpg


One of the best websites for finding phone numbers, especially cell phone numbers, is Swordfish. The search website simultaneously connects to over 200+ network data partners. Each phone number search also provides access to other personal contact details, including personal and professional email addresses. 

The Swordfish AI also features a Google Chrome extension plugin that interacts with various major social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc. 

Through its bulk upload and data list enrichment features, the Swordfish AI website also makes it simple to find landline and mobile phone numbers without needing a Chrome plugin.

sword (1).jpg


This post has presented some of the best number finders on the website. The extra features and extensive search services these websites render are why they do not offer a completely free service. 


However, you can get free basic information and trial versions with some of them. However, you need to choose a subscription plan to get detailed and comprehensive information. Most of the websites contained in this post are relatively affordable.

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